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It's true that filmmaking is no easy job. Especially when it comes to make a film of a high and grand grandeur. But, S. S. Rajamauli has proved that nothing is impossible of Indian filmmakers, provided that they have the technology, actors and of course, a story that can make a film work. Baahubali The Beginning is a perfect example of this thing.

From the very first scene, the film makes an impact on the viewers. As the film keeps unfolding, entertainment level increases. It can be said that what seemed to exist only in imagination has come to be true in Baahubaali The Beginning. It’s perhaps the first technically most brilliant film I have ever enjoyed on big screen ever in my life.

Coming to performances, Prabhas is quite energetic, and he fits in the provided roles. Tamannaah looks quite amazing and does very well and has a role never seen before. Anushka Shetty also does well in a little explored role. Sathyaraj does very well, as he has a good character and he delivers. Besides, Rana Daggubati also seems energetic in his character. Nasser, Ramya Krishnan and others too do their respective parts extremely well.

Coming to music, you get to hear a pleasant music, as a trademark of every film of Rajamauli. The type of romance you get to see in almost every Rajamauli film too is present here. The film’s every element is so good that you will end up falling in love with it.

Coming to action scenes and technical department, which are the main highlights of the film, the film scores a 100% in every context. There is not even a single scene where you will get a chance to blink. The war episodes, action scenes, from the beginning to the end, are really worth praise. It can be said that it’s another excellent film from the director who made Magadheera.

Coming to the story and screenplay, it’s here very well in the part 1. However, since it’s a two part film, you will have to wait for part two to find the entire story. But still, the way the film ends will leave you thinking what would be in the next part. But you will surely not forget this one.It’s also true that for watching the conclusion, you need to watch the beginning. It’s a good trend by Rajamauli sir to make films in two parts so that the viewers enjoy both.

Overall, Baahubali The Beginning is a perfect, perfect and perhaps the most perfect film of Indian Cinema ever. It’s a sort of film that can’t be missed on the big screen. Besides, the part two will be coming soon in 2016. I am really unable to control my excitement and I have been thinking about it since the time I left my seat. It’s a sort of film that is truly great, amazing and good enough that you will be left stunned forever. Definitely a mega BLOCKBUSTER!

Verdict: An energetically made, well developed, well shot and well executed film that deserves a watch. This is going to be the biggest classic in the history of Indian Cinema.

Rating: 4.75/5 (Blockbuster Entertainer)

Prashast Singh
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