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Pei'ah?? Ppphaaaaaaaaaaaah, Sema Comedy

Tamil cinema has been flooded with horror films in the recent times. 2016 has seen 12 horror films already including  ‘Dhilluku Dhuddu’ which released last week whereas 2014 saw just 9 horror films and 2015 saw 12 showing a clear picture of the number of horror films increasing over the years.

Is the horror genre being justified to its genre these days? A big ‘NO’, I would say. Now the basic formula is a simple story + a haunted house set + a comedian or a group of comedians + Motta Rajendran + painted face + 2 to 3 scary scenes +pulsating BGM = Horror / Horror comedy genre.

More than the horror genre, people have started liking the horror comedy genre where you can get to scream and laugh at the same time. Those days we could hardly find family audience for a horror movie but now-a-days families throng the theatres where the children seem to enjoy it with no fear. This reminds me of my sleepless night during my school days after watching Chandramukhi.

Being a fan of horror films, Tamil cinema’s deviation from the genre from what it has to do, has put me in a face to hate the so called horror films coming up nowadays. I expect adrenaline rush, an adventurous ride, a faster heartbeat and nail biting situations.  It’s been a long while I saw a movie like this and that thirst quencher was Maya last year. 2016 is quite disappointing for me in this specific genre as this genre itself has become a weekly dosage in Tamil cinema.

But the best part of horror films is whatever you make, whatever the story is, whatever the ghost does, the film makes huge money at the box office. This has become a safe genre for the film makers as the audience still enjoys them irrespective of the basic formula a horror film needs. But will this scenario stay forever? I don’t think so; this obsession of film makers towards horror genre will definitely become a hatred for film goers some day.

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