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Is Pasanga 2 worth a watch?, Pasanga 2, Kuttram Kadithal


2015 has seen different genres of movies all through the year, ranging from fiction and fantasy to rom-com and family drama. To be more precise, it was a year of varieties. However, of all those, a new wave cinema has made a big change in the industry.
When I started penning down my favorite films of 2015 for a slideshow, to my surprise 3 movies were based on children as their central point and dealing with this hardcore subject got them to the top 10. Yes, it’s Kaaka Muttai, Kuttram Kadithal and Pasanga 2 which made a difference in the list of top 10 films according to me.
More than making me understand a lot of things, it made me relate to them, have a quick glance of my golden days as a child, assimilate the incidents at some point and laugh at my notorious actions back then. Apart from the lighter moments, these movies question the society, the parents and the teachers which give a tug at your heart while leaving the theatre.
A movie based on children, wins the hearts of many when the director doesn’t overdo the little ones’ character and carry them as they are. A one-of-a-kind brilliant film by director Pandiraj.
Pasanga 2 has struck a chord with many parents to understand what their children really want in their life rather than what they desire to see their kids as. The assumptions people have for government schools, the blind expectation of parents, the grading system of education are some of the things Pasanga 2 deals with.
Spending time with children rather than spending money on children is what this movie is all about.
Kaaka Muttai was a realistic drama set in the slum areas of Chennai. A simple and neat storyline with such beautiful characters played by Vignesh and Ramesh has given an edge to the movie. Vignesh and Ramesh as chinna kaaka muttai and periya kaaka muttai have lived the characters for us to laugh, admire and give that ‘awww’ feel.
Kaaka Muttai is for everybody because it is natural and relatable. The sense of desire that children develop by watching commercials of international products and food porn, makes them try out the fancy food without even knowing that it doesn’t taste as good as it looks. The apt example here was Pizza. For the international market Pizza is a worker’s food and is cheap, however in India, it’s a food for the elite rather than the poor and their target is also the former. 
Kaaka Muttai gives you the imbalance in our society with capitalism ruling over the country.
Kuttram Kadithal is a musically driven docu-drama which emphasizes on sex education at schools, mother ship and physical punishment at schools.
SEX EDUCATION… Oh am I being loud? Well, for the society which still whispers or feels weird to talk about it, this movie was an eye opener. More than the parents, the teachers must take more responsibility to deliver the right information in a proper manner to their students.
Physical punishment at schools is still being a sound topic in some parts of India and there are schools which hide it from the outside world. Kuttram Kadithal brings out this serious issue to the limelight.
Thank you Pasanga 2 ‘Pandiraj’, Kaaka Muttai ‘Manikandan’ and Kuttram Kadithal ‘Bramma G’, for giving three beautiful tales with outstanding subjects which makes people think beyond the horizons.

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