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I walk on the hot sands of Marina beach to be part of the ‘Marina’ audio launch

and I have THE most pleasant surprise of all – meeting the music director, Girishh. Little did I realize that this package had layers of a composer,

conductor, music producer, singer and song writer wrapped into it!!!

A warm handshake, a genuine smile and we parted only to meet again on the eve of the Marina success party.

Layers peeled away one by one…I am so happy to write about Girishh, ‘the new kid in town’. Let’s welcome this educated, cultured, refined Indian, well-versed in music and with the most discerning ears to our film-world.

He is not stand-offish, uppity, has no attitude, does not show off his musical wisdom, no condescending attitude…all in all…a ‘chamaththu paiyan’

(good boy)!

He started learning to sing at the age of (hold your breath!) four and his 1st concert when he was FIVE! He became the legendary Lalgudi G Jayaraman’s

disciple when he was 8! He proudly credits his present ‘musicality’ to his guru G.Lalgudi-ji. Humbly the words that tumbled out were, “If no Lalgudi-ji in my life I don’t exist”

He attributes his educated status to his dad who believed that the only inheritance worthy of its name that he can pass on to his children is a sound education!

So I asked him, “Is your amma a home maker?” and he smiled his infectious genuine smile and says “Girishh-maker!” I endorse that completely ‘cos though I tried my ‘bestest’ best to make one of my 3 dear daughters to become half an M.S or a PS, my pleas fell deaf on their gifted ears!

His piano teacher Das Daniel of KM music conservatory fame is the reason for Girishh to set foot on UK soil. He was the only Indian selected for this course and the years 2008-2009 merged the music in his soul with future-musicians of the world from Greece, New Zealand, U.K, Norway…streams of world music mingled into the sea of creativity within him.

Girishh had this unique experience of visiting this remote place, Aldeburgh, with no network, truly out of civilization, to tutor 20 musicians below the age of 18.

“With a post grad degree from Leeds college of music, Girishh has an unique tool-kit to meet the demands of the truly global musical appetite” Golden words, oops , not mine, but those of Dharambir Singh Dhadyalla, the renowned sitar player based in UK.

There are more accolades to follow…”I appreciate Girishh’s immense gifts as both a sensitive caring human being and a composer and singer of astounding beauty” says Eugene Skeef, South African percussionist and educationalist.

I was privy to this young man’s golden heart when he readily accepted to compose the background score for a debut short film maker who came in search of me to subtitle his film. And that too, Girishh without batting an eyelid agreed to do so, free of cost! He loved the film and immediately agreed to ‘pitch in’!

Degrees, diplomas, strings of accolades do not make a man, a ‘talk of the town- musician’ His ability to reach into the hearts of the normal, ordinary, sometimes (s)tone deaf cine-goer, young or old, is what counts. His Chennai anthem bears testimony to it. He tries to resolve conflicts through constructive music and is open to new voices, instruments and movies to score / tune/ sing/ make a deep impact!

Even though he has plenty of opportunities outside India his innate desire to

come back to his Motherland and give his discerning ears ( well tutored from a tender age) a sound chance makes Girishh the endearing boy that he is!

Hats off to Pandiraj, director of Marina to have given him this beautiful beach as back drop and the Bay of Bengal as the muse to begin his musical journey…

It is said that the 1st knock makes the final mark…maybe the sheer coincidence that he shares the G with his Guru Lalgudi G Jayaraman!

How true is the saying, birds of the same feather flock together…Pandi I’m sure

realized that to Girishh it is “naaLai namadhay” (tomorrow belongs to us)

I sign off, reminded of these lines from the famous MSV song in NaaLai namadhay sung by TMS, PS and LRE which sums up this humble lad…

pearl in a rare shell

Naan katradhu kai alavu Innum ulladhu kadalalavu 
Naan engengu ennenna sangeedham undendru angangu selgindravan 

With melody in my heart, a spring in my step, I walk back home from marina, humming more than 3 cheers to people who give opportunities graciously and those who make music out of those golden opportunities harmoniously,


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