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Starring: Suriya, Anushka, Prakash Raj, Vivek, Manoramma.
Direction: Hari
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Production: BIG Pictures
The much-awaited Hari-Suriya combo is back in this landmark 25th film of Suriya. The story was initially narrated to Vijay for his 50th film by Hari but for some reasons Vijay could not do it and Suriya lapped it up.

Throughout the career graph of Suriya, the actor has diligently worked towards balancing the niche and the mass and this time around he has proven once again that he can deliver a commercial masala flick with as finesse as he can deliver a performance-oriented film. It is Suriya all over; the guy stumps with some gravity defying stunts, mouths a few intense sentimental dialogues, floors his lady partner passionately and challenges the baddies and cleanses the society from obnoxious elements.

Durai Singam is the SI of Nallur police station who is into the police force mainly to satisfy his father. His ambition is to expand his provision stores
business to a super market. All the same, he is sincere in his work and is the darling of his town as he settles many disputes in his town amicably. Mayilvaganan (Prakash Raj), the fraudster from Chennai, involved in criminal activities, gets trapped into a police case which requires him to sign in Nallur police station for a period of 15 days. There is a proxy who comes to do this job in the police station which triggers an encounter between Prakash Raj and Suriya that leads into a series of events between the two which form the rest of Singam.

Meanwhile, an offshoot of this plot is the love angle between Anushka and Suriya, the former comes to the village to her grand parents place for vacation and bumps in to the latter. Thankfully, it is not love at the second meeting but something that happens gradually with believable events.

Vivek as Erimalai takes charge of comedy in Singam as Suriya’s subordinate and acquits himself well. The comedy scenes do bring the intended effect and the lorry scene which results in Vivek’s suspension tops the list. There are many such enjoyable instances which are sure to get into the comedy channels soon.

Anushka looks good and acts too. When she is on the phone with Suriya and gets caught by her father Nasser, the instant play of expression to get out of the situation is noteworthy. The lady does have a good future. She rides on twin horses with glamorous costumes in the song sequences and a homely demeanor in the rest of the film. Radha Ravi and Sumithra as the parents of Suriya do a convincing job. The other supporting cast members are satisfactory.

Music by Devi Sri Prasad is nothing to rave about except the En Idhayam number. However, the morphing technique adopted to cover a few frames in this number is unwarranted. Background score is also ordinary. True to the name Singam, the film is dominated by action sequences but there is no blood and gore. Cinematographer Priyan has done a decent job.

Director Hari has stuck to his genre and has delivered a crisp film. Although the events and the premise are not something new in Singam and the formula of one scene each of ‘action-romance-sentiments-comedy', is strictly adhered to, he should be credited for rendering an engaging and entertaining product. He succeeds in holding the interest of the audience to a larger extent and satisfies the viewers.

However, in the second half, the interactions between the villain and hero get a bit drab and seem to drag on. There is not much of an intelligence displayed by the villain to counter the hero except in the climax. On the whole, Hari has concocted and packaged his masala contents in the right proportion and has served a tasty dish.

Verdict: Engaging masala

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