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Starring: Sanjeev, Sampath, Sethna
Direction: S.V. Solairaja
Music: Sriram Vijay
Production: S.V. Solairaja

When we are busy traveling between a village and city in the past two weeks with Vamsam and Naan Mahaan Alla, both of which already releasing to good responses, this one sneaks into the movie halls without much ado. With a hero who is one film old, a heroine making her debut and a relatively new director, Neeyum Naanum did not garner enough attention before its release.
  Naan Mahaan Alla
Will it have enough energy to steamroll into the following weeks is a question that needs an answer.

Sanjeev, who made an impressive debut in Kulir 100 degrees, is the hero of this movie and Sethna is making her debut as the heroine. Sampath, known for his villain and character roles in movies like Saroja and Goa, has acted in an important role in Neeyum Naanum. Set in a school backdrop, Neeyum Naanum is about what happens in the life of two students and a young teacher who wants to break all barriers.

Sampath is the correspondent of a convent school in which his son is studying. Sethna, Sampath's orphaned niece, is the Head of the Department for dance in the same school. Sampath's son is in love with Sethna who denies the love in typical filmy style. As is the case in most movies, Sampath's son is the spoilt brat. This is when Sanjeev joins as the dance teacher in the convent. So what is the plot all about? Read on.

Sanjeev meets Karthik, a young boy from Nochikuppam. Karthik, who has lost his father, helps Sanjeev in his daily activities and his expertise in English impresses Sanjeev. Sanjeev tells Karthik to join school and encourages him to study well. When all is well, Karthik's mother faints and doctors diagnose that she has lung cancer and they would need 5 lakhs for her treatment. This is when an inter-school competition is announced with a first prize of 10 lakh of which 6 lakhs would go to the lead dancer. Karthik asks Sanjeev for help who refuses by saying that he does not have it in him to dance. But Karthik is adamant because of the money involved.

Sanjeev finally gives in to Karthik's repeated attempts. Not very impressed, Sanjeev somehow agrees to include Karthik in the dance group. But Sampath and his son are against it. This makes Sanjeev leave the convent with Karthik and join a Corporation school as a dance teacher. With Karthik as the main dancer, he hand picks 12 boys from the slums from varied backgrounds and trains them. The interschool dance competition is the climax of the movie and there are no prizes for guessing who wins the competition. To add to the drama, Karthik faints before the dance and Sanjeev brings him back to life.

I think you would have an opinion in your minds by now. Yes, the movie definitely reminds you of a lot of movies of the past. Especially the rock and roll movies of Anand Babu... fantasy, dance, love, tears et al. And again, we have yet another movie which is predictable and makes you yawn. More so because this one involves school going kids. The direction and screenplay have a lot of loopholes. The one thing which makes an exception in the movie is the choreography of a couple of dance sequences. Otherwise, the cinematography by Prem Shankar and music by Sriram Vijay are not worth a great mention.

Sanjeev, Sethna and the rest have done their bit which deserves no special mention. Sampath has been wasted in such a miniscule role. Master Rimson and Master Sachin have done a neat job. The movie could have been much better if the scenes don’t remind you of movies of the 70's and 80's. Neeyum Naanum has a very faint chance to score big.

Verdict – Neeyum Naanum - Fails to thrill you and me

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