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idhayam-thiraiarangam-review IDHAYAM THIRAIARANGAM MOVIE REVIEW
Review by : Behindwoods Review Board

Starring: Anand, Sweta, Manobala
Direction: Ramki Ramakrishnan
Music: Mariya Manohar
Production: Ashok G Lodha

In the same breath as we are eulogizing Tamil cinema’s progression in terms of nuanced story telling as well as technological advancements, it’s not unusual to see movies like Idhayam Thiraiarangam those are so primitive and could create a huge blotch on the reputation of the ‘Tamil cinema shining’ growth story. But as is usual, there is place for every product in the market and we will be inclusive enough to provide constructive criticism about what works and what doesn’t in Idhayam Thiraiarangam.

Firstly, the story Idhayam Thiraiarangam has in it is so primordial that you are baffled how this theme graduated from the scripting to production level. But it has. It’s about a woman who strongly believes in astrology and decides the course of her life based on it. Layered in it is also a love story.

Even if the story is to blame, an able handed director would be successful in ingeniously masking the script’s flaws and presenting a watchable product. No such luck. The story telling in Idhayam Thiraiarangam is so amateurish you often find yourself thinking that the movie is made by an entry level film maker aspirant who hasn’t learnt anything about movie making.

What you get is a series of build up scenes that eventually provide nothing phenomenal to look forward to. It’s  as if you are watching a mid-afternoon soap opera on television, instead only on a big screen. If you have the tolerance and stomach to withhold such brutalities to your senses, Idhayam Thiraiarangam could be one for you.

That besides, acting is also nothing to boast about - actors take their roles rather too seriously and as mentioned earlier, a session of overacting is constantly in progress. Also, each actor is constantly trying to outsmart the other with whatever they have in store. Reiterating your mistake, as a viewer, in every other scene.

The list of what Idhayam Thiraiarangam needs could just be endless. Starting from a script overhaul to the casting decisions to the director’s method of storytelling, there are many things that needed to be fixed.

Verdict: Worth giving a miss!

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