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Starring: Laguparan, Swathi
Direction: Thangasamy
Music: Manu Ramesan
Production: S Madhan

What is happening to Tamil films? Week after week the audience has been treated with a variety platter that caters to and satisfies different tastes of the movie going population. This week Vendhar Movies Raattinam hits the screens which grabbed many an eyeball when Gautham Menon averred that it is his Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya in Tuticorin. Directed by newcomer Thangasamy, Raattinam is set in the port city which forms the backdrop for his tale on love and its ramifications.

Love could culminate in success or failure but behind every love, there could be some kind of loss which may be a relationship or something more than that. This is the central pivot of Raattinam around which the entire film rolls.  

At a time when romances among the much younger populace is portrayed justifiably, here comes Raattinam which talks about the implications of ‘love’ at young age and its repercussions and the long lasting effect it has on the families involved. Thangasamy also throws light on the impacting influence on infatuations that are normal during that period of one’s life where the surge of hormones peak.  

There are occasions when the film reminds the audience of Balaji Sakthivel’s Kaadhal. But Thangasamy stands out different in his simplistic narration, screen play and characterization. Raattinam’s climax is its highlight and Thangasamy should be lauded for this.

The biggest asset of Raattinam is the casting and performance. Hero Lagubaran who had worked as an assistant director makes a positive impression with his debut on screen appearance. Director Thangasamy also works in front of the camera as hero’s brother, makes a powerful impact with his portrayal.  

The realistic and natural progression of scenes and dialogues stand testimony to the director’s caliber. The typical innocence of the girls belonging to a town is clearly brought out when the heroine says, “miss kitta sollalaamaa” when she receives a love letter.  On the other hand, Thangasamy angered by his brother’s behavior starts hitting him and stops midway when his father enters, is a clear cut depiction of life in such an ambience. Such natural scenes add value to the film.

Swathi fits perfectly in her character. The supporting cast that includes Swati’s mom Elizabeth, Swati’s advocate uncle and Lagubaran’s friend Ajay has all done their job quite convincingly.

Manu Ramesan’s music is soothing to the ears and his apt re-recording sets the mood of the film in the right track. Yele ye pulle emerges triumphant. Rajsundar’s camera travels to nook and corner of Tuticorin and brings out the perfect mood.

Raattinam is sure to stay on for some time in the minds of those who had struggled to make their love successful and it is never going to leave those who had failed to make their love successful.

Verdict: Get into this Raattinam, you would not regret the ride

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