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singayil-gurushetram-review SINGAYIL GURUSHETRAM MOVIE REVIEW
Review by : Behindwoods Review Board

Starring: Vishnu, Sivakumar, Mathialagan, Rajesh, Kannan, Gunalan, Prakash
Direction: T. T. Dhavamanni
Music: Rafee
Production: Metro Film Pvt Ltd,blue River Pictures

Singayil Gurshethram has a unique distinction of being the first feature film produced in Singapore with even the cast from the island nation. Thavamani is in charge of story, screenplay, dialogues and direction of this flick which has music scored by Rafee of Jaggubhai fame.

Drug peddling is one crime towards which the Singapore government has zero tolerance and this forms the basis for SG. The film talks about the trials and tribulations of illegal Tamil immigrants who, for the sake of sustenance are compelled sometimes to tread the wrong path. Unwittingly so, in this labyrinth, they find their path pushing them to hell. The wrong choice of path in life and its repercussions form the main theme in SG. In such a premise, Thavamani has attempted to convey the implications and the effect of such activities on the lives of people who are involved. The title refers to the battle and struggles in Singapore.

Brothers Prakash and Subra are raised by their maternal uncle Vinod after the mercy plea of their mother, convicted for drug peddling, gets rejected by the President. Vinod, himself a drug peddler, treats Prakash and Subra (a disabled boy) as his sons.

The children grow up under uncle’s supervision and the elder one (Prakash) assists his uncle in all illegal activities, slowly taking over the mantle of this business. Meanwhile tough times begin for Vinod when cops close in on this group and he realizes that there is a snitch inside the group but not able to figure it out. The mole-hunt and the events that follow become the rest of Singayil Gurushethram.

A golden opportunity to make a suspense thriller has been left amiss by the director. A theme such as this could have been executed with the finesse which would have resulted in its success. But Thavamani misses the opportunity. The entire film appears to have been canned by keeping a camera fixed and characters acting out in front of it. This gives a documentary and a newsreel feel to SG which works against the film in a big way. Lack of cohesion in screen play and narration gives a disjointed feel. The plot unfolds very slowly increasing the restlessness of the audience.

A smuggling tale which had all the scope of a breakneck narration that does not let the audience wander in thoughts fails flat because of this lackadaisical approach. The BGM in such films which should have acted as a major pillar of support is also not up to the mark. In the performance department, Sivakumar as the uncle has done well and Vishnu as Praksh delivers a neat job.

In all Singayil Gurushethram comes across a job that is not well done despite its immense potential.

Verdict: A war not well fought!

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