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Starring: Shaam, Meenakshi
Direction: Thirumalai
Music: Sundar C. Babu
Production: Madurai GK Films

Just before a couple enters into marriage there are a thousand matters swarming around in their minds. Thaa explores the feelings and doubts of a couple as they get to know each other, develop affection and prepare to get married. It is more than just another regular love story.
  Agam Puram

The movie is about a young man doing a normal blue collar job in his hometown. Simple, shy and quite careless about his appearance; he just goes about his daily life as any other youngster would. His only social life is when he meets his group of friends who are quite unlike him. Yes, they have their jobs and do them responsibly, but they also show a very active interest in trying to woo girls of their choice; only the protagonist is an exception to all this, choosing to stay away from all matters related to love. Now, perhaps you would think that this is yet another story of masculine resistance being broken by one look at a beautiful girl; and violins begin playing in the west with sunshine in the background. But, that is where Thaa differs from regular love story that is part of cinema. The protagonist does have deep feelings inside him, the desire to find a girl for himself, but is really too much of an introvert to get on with it. And, as is the norm in all such cases, the parents step in and find a bride for their son. The twist happens here; the chosen girl holds a white collar job, is very sociable, sophisticated and looks upon the prospective groom as professionally, socially and personally incompatible. But, as the families have agreed upon the match, there is little she can do about it. What happens next? Does the girl agree reluctantly, does the marriage succeed or is there something else in store?

What could have ended up as just another love story does eventually manage to make a sort of impression because of the hint of reality and practicality that is thrown into the script. We have been used to seeing girls falling head over heels in love with heroes either after being impressed by their machismo and style, or by their ideals and bravado. But here, the reasons for which the heroine disapproves of the prospective groom appear to be taken out of real life; the financial differences, the professional gulf etc. Also convincing are the portions where the hero tries to win over the heroine’s heart. Here again there are no cinematic clichés like ‘saving the heroine from eve teasers’ or ‘masquerading as an idealist out to save society’ or ‘ramp walk Remo kind of stuff’. The hero tries very sincerely to establish a deep personal relationship with his bride to be. The film carries yet another twist in the form of the hero’s psyche which makes him think that what is happening is ‘too good to be true’.

Looking at the movie in totality, there are only a few turning points during the entire course of the narration. There are not many moments that make you sit up. It is rather plain viewing; but don’t mistake plain for bland; it is a good kind of plain. The slow forging of the relationship looks genuine, so does the internal turmoil of the hero’s mind which keep one connected to the characters. There is also the odd lively fun moment which involves the gang of friends, but not too many. Songs too have been sparsely used.

Almost the entire cast consists of fresh faces and to their credit they have done a fair job. The hero Sri Hari and heroine Nisha carry off the demands of their character well. There is not much of note on the technical front which is strictly okay. Debutante Sri Vijay has come up with a couple of hummable tunes.

Thaa is neither the family entertainer, nor is it the sugar coated love story. In fact, there is more of a mature relationship of understanding being formed than any romance happening on screen. That treatment puts Thaa on a different track from other love based subjects and director Shurya Prabakar deserves credit for adopting this treatment. A simple, self-contained film of a mature relationship and inner doubt!

Verdict: A different perspective of love

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