Vamanan Movie Preview
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Starring: Jai, Rahman, Priya, Lakshmi Rai, Santhanam, Sampath, Urvashi
Direction: Ahmed
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Production: Dream Valley Corporation
‘Subramaniapuram’ Jai returns to the Kollywood screen after creating waves last year and a few major ripples this year. He might have been happy about the waves of 2008, but the ripples of 2009 did leave him in a tight corner. But, we don’t want to go into the details of all those issues, they seem done and dusted in the best interest of everyone involved. Now, Jai is back to stake his claim as the young promising hero of Kollywood with Vamanan.

Vamanan – the name immediately gives inkling about the plot. It has to be about a man who appears harmless to start with, but grows into menacing proportions when the situation rises, just like in the epic where Vishnu’s avatar Vamana expanded enough to cover the horizons when he had to find a way to remove the asura Mahabali from earth.

Jai plays the role of an ordinary city youngster whom you would not suspect of any extraordinary deeds. But, circumstances drive him to become a hero to save him and a few others from the clutches of villainy. Said in a very raw and realistic manner, without any over the top heroism, Vamanan is an action thriller entertainer.

Jai has proved his caliber as an actor, and Vamanan is his chance to move onto the pedestal of a star. Going for him in his endeavor are quite a few factors. The presence of seasoned artistes like Oorvashi, Thalaivasal Vijay, Rahman and Sampath will no doubt strengthen the movie. Also, the two heroines, debutante Priya Ananth and new hit girl Lakshmi Rai will add to the color of Vamanan.

Yuvan’s music is yet another highlight. He has reportedly tried to compose and render music that is as real as possible. The songs have found some appreciation, but it is the movie that has helped its popularity soar. Aravind Krishna has said that Vamanan has been one of the biggest challenges of his career. He has given the movie a dry urban look

Directed by Ahmed, a former assistant of Kathir, the movie has indeed got the potential to make a good impression. Will Vamanan rise to the occasion like the avatar from mythology?
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