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Kamal handles corruption and political apathy
By Behindwoods News Bureau.
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October 27, 2007
After quite a while we have something for you about Dasavatharam. The way they have kept everything so hushed up is remarkable but this time they have given something away and if you are a Kamal fan this is enough to get you excited. If you have a good memory you would remember that we had earlier reported about lyricist and poet Kapilan donning the grease paint for the movie.

Here is what we came to know about his role in Dasavatharam. Of course, we have to say that the revelations have only added to the mystery surrounding Dasavatharam, one just wonders how many layers the story of the movie would have. We are now wondering whether Dasavatharam has a lot to do with contemporary political issues, environmental concerns and what not.

Kapilan is proud man these days and why not? He is part of one of Tamil cinema’s landmark productions and that too not in the usual capacity of a lyricist but as an actor. Surely, to make your acting debut in a movie like Dasavatharam is just great. And, if the details that are given below are true then it is not a ‘blink and you miss it’ kind of role. He has something substantial to do and a few lines of Tamil poetry on screen. What is it all about ? Read on.

The burning issue of unauthorized dredging in river beds forms the backdrop for Kapilan’s introduction. Lawbreakers are busy taking away all the sand from the river bed unmindful of the effect that it would have. It is at this stage that Kamal interferes. He has something strong to say about what is being done and is being backed by the locals. A heated argument ensues and that is when Kamal introduces his friend to speak on behalf of the people of the place. That friend happens to be Kapilan. What would a poet do in a situation like this? He would do what he knows best – he expresses his thoughts in a beautiful poem in classical Tamil. These following 2 lines explain the anguish of the poet in such a situation...

Manal koozha kartkalin kuzhandhai
Neengal mannai vettuvathu engal mazhalayai vettuvathatrku samam
(The river’s sands are the pebbles’ children
Taking them away is like taking our children………)

And so it goes….. Speaking to a magazine about this Kapilan was in an elated mood. The beaming poet expressed his pride. Not only was he sharing screen space with Kamal, he was playing himself. Yes, Kapilan plays Kapilan – the poet in Dasavatharam. That’s not something that happens very often in Tamil cinema, or in world cinema. Playing oneself is a matter of utmost joy. Kapilan remembered that the last time a lyricist was asked to play himself on screen was many years back when the Late Kannadasan was invited. To be the first person to get such a opportunity after the legend is an honor and Kapilan seems to have made the most of it.

Now, we wonder what this piece of information tells us about Dasavatharam. It deals with contemporary issues, corruption, politics etc. at least in parts, yes. But does it give us any clue about Dasavatharam. Seems like we are in no better position to tell than we were in before we got this bit of information. The Dasavatharam people know what they are doing. They keep us guessing. India Search
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