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Madhavan in one of his most candid interviews opens his heart out on his upcoming movie Evano Oruvan, state of cinema in India and his future projects.

What is the crux of Evano Oruvan?

Evano Oruvan is a film that in a way questions the cloak we have chosen to pull over our consciences to make us oblivious of the world around us and the troubles of our people. Sridhar Vasudevan the hero of this film is a man who does not let his conscience die.
Unfortunately he also realizes it to be reason for him not doing as well as the others, he is left far behind in the race of life to such an extent that even his wife starts to question his very manlihood and his masculinity. He gets so frustrated that he loses it one day and the film starts on that day that he loses it and it comes to a logical and moving end. I’m sure that anybody who sees this film would not go unaffected by what it has to say.

Reasons behind the delay in the release of Evano Oruvan! How has it shaped up according to you?

There have been many releases competing for few theaters ever since Sivaji happened. We thought that this movie deserved a good release, so we decided to wait till December. There are no other reasons. I think by far this is one of my best films. In terms of performance it is a very different role that I have done. I know it is clichéd to say different but I specialize in being different and I know I have done different characters in all my movies and this character is no different in being different.

You haven’t been seen in films as often, is it because of a dearth of good scripts coming your way!

Yes and no! I have slowed down over the last two years or so to concentrate more on quality. Even then I have had commercial releases like Arya and Rendu. There might be people who clamor about the quality aspect of these films but there is a large section of audience that appreciates them too. The bottom line is that it is not easy to keep everyone happy all the time. So I have to play the balancing act with a movie like Evano Oruvan. The commercial aspect is equally important.

What are your upcoming releases?

As of now I have a huge number of Tamil films waiting for release, as a matter of fact after

Evano Oruvan there is Vazthukkal which is finished, there is Leelai which is ready and there is a film with Nishkant Kamath in Hindi called Bombay Meri Jaan which is ready for release, there is Sandyasin in Hindi and a film called Yaavarum Nalam with director Vikram and PC sir and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy as technicians, in both Tamil and Hindi. Starting next month there is a bevy of films and I think anyone who’s going to be complaining about me should be taking it easy.

Most Tamil Films have a little or no significant roles for the heroines! Your take on that and your opinion of Sangeetha’s character in the movie!

Most of my movies to date have had a lot of scope for heroines to perform. Take Alai Paayuthe, Minnale or even Arya for instance. Maybe that’s why I am choosy when it comes to heroines but in some movies I don’t have a control over that and for this reason I have ended rubbing a lot of people the wrong side, I haven’t let that bother me though. I feel that it is very important for them to be able to communicate in Tamil; things can get very difficult otherwise. Sangeetha’s fluency in Tamil made her an obvious choice for the movie. The nativity factor for each character and every frame is very important for which it has been shot entirely in Chennai.

Are you looking at releasing it internationally or at Film Festivals?

Yes, but not the conventional ‘film festival’ release. I plan to screen previews of the movie to an elite international audience in places like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, New York, San Francisco, Canada, Middle East, and hopefully Europe, Australia and New Zealand with the help of our sponsors HSBC, Santoor, Singapore Airlines and the Marriott Hotels. We hope to get the audience feedback on camera and use that for the publicity of the film. People can rest assured that ths is nothe conventional slow paced film festival kind of movie but something every one in the audience can relate to.

Do you think Tamil Cinema has stars caught in the image trap and aren’t willing to experiment like their Hindi counterparts like Shahrukh khan doing a Chak De or an Aamir Khan doing a Lagaan. Your take on that!

Not at all. I would have gleefully accepted a Chak De or a Lagaan. Blaming the stars for that is a very boring accusation. We only have the luxury of doing what we are offered. It is the good scripts that have to come and more importantly the producers to have faith in the scripts and the audience and invest in such movies.

What do you think of the fusion happening between cinema and Politics today?

There is absolutely nothing wrong in juxtaposing the two fields, coming from a state where cinema and politics have had a long connection. However, if it happens to affect either of the fields that may be a cause of concern, otherwise it is a healthy union. As of now it is fairly reclusive and fairly exclusive.


Do you see any of the new Turks replacing the master directors?

It is not about replacing. Greats like Mani Ratnam ad KB have immortalized their styles. It is more about creating a niche for oneself and in that respect guys like Bala, Ameer, Vishnuvardhan and Selva Raghavan have been doing great. Even directors like K.S.Ravikumar and Cheran have started foraying innovative cinema.

We see you graduating from Actor to Producer to scriptwriter, where do we see you next?

I have written the dialogues for Evano Oruvan with the help of director Seeman, who is the dialogue supervisor. I have produced this movie and acted in it as well, that in itself is too much to bite so I guess for the next 2 years I’ll just be acting for now and recuperating. I don’t think I’ll be dabbling as a producer in the near future.

Your wishes to all Behindwoods readers

Hi Guys! This is Maddy wishing all Behindwoods.com readers a safe and fantastic Deepavali with the blessings of elders, which I believe goes a long way for your success, have a great year.

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