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Kamal’s comments: post Dasavatharam release
June 21, 2008
As Dasavatharam is in the process of gathering overwhelming responses –good, middling and bad – everywhere, Kamal Haasan has begun opening up on Dasavatharam, post release:

On the criticism levelled by some regarding the film’s “confusing narrative”:

“Criticism will always be there. In fact, I myself am the biggest critic of all my films. ‘Dasavatharam’ is based on the ‘chaos theory’ and we have established it very well. I don’t know where critics found it confusing. All the 10 characters are established within 20 minutes of the film’s run. You must be very attentive. That’s all.

Kamal Haasan
Kamal Haasan
On the time taken to create the ten characters:

Over the years, I have observed many things, and these observations have found a place in the movie. Characters of the Balram Naidu hue cannot be etched out in a year or two. I have been observing the way Telugu people talk Tamil and vice versa. So, it is like I have been living with these characters for a long time. During ‘Hey Ram’, someone asked me how much time I had spent researching on Gandhi! Richard Attenborough may have to do his homework on Gandhi. I don’t have to. I grew up knowing Gandhi. He is part of our world. I have been reading about him and known him from my childhood.

The George Bush character:

“Bush doesn’t know many things...I didn’t want to go into all that. He said recently that the reason for rise of prices was over-eating Indians! In fact, Americans have turned rice-eaters, and they are eating more rice than us. We never eat hamburgers like them, nor beef, do we?”

Dasavatharam’s box office performance:

“This is the biggest opening I have had in my career. I have the figures; it is a blockbuster, no doubt. I thank the audience and the media for their support.”

Working with Mallika and Asin:

“Mallika’s character is not a lengthy one and I couldn’t interact much with her. I enjoyed working with Asin. It is tough to portray that character. She was required to change clothes for each scene, and the wardrobe wasn’t that colourful either. She really lived the character.”

The best thing said about Dasavatharam:

My guru K. Balachander moved me to tears with his praise, after watching the film. I did not expect such a response. My friend Rajinikanth said one should watch such movies only with the audience in the theatres.

Future projects:

My next is ‘Marmayogi’. And I hope I would get enough money to finish ‘Marudhanayagam’.

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