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Kalloori movie review

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Movie review


Cast : Tamanna, Akhil, Balamurugan, Hema, Rajeswari, Sailatha, Mayareddy, Arunkumar, Alex, Prakash

Direction: Balaji Sakthivel

Music: Joshua Sridhar

Production: Shankar

If you thought Balaji Sakthivel’s earlier venture Kadhal to be a roller coaster ride of emotions, Kalloori isn’t any different. A story that is thread bare woven around the life of a group of friends from school who go on to join the same college - Government Arts College, near Madurai. It is about this gang of four girls and five boys who value their friendship and how an inclusion of a new friend in college brings about turmoil in their relationships. In a nutshell, it is college days revisited and all that come along. But it isn’t any love triangle and there is no cheeky romance you would expect out of college flicks.
Akhil plays Muthu, an athlete, sprinter to be precise; Kayal, essayed by Hemalatha makes amends in the gang, and Tamanna plays Shobana the new entrant to the gang. Muthu sets eyes on Shobana on the first day of college, who is all gloomy over the loss of her mother in an accident. Kayal slowly gets her into their gang as they rescue her during a ragging session and she slowly gels with the rest on hearing their modest backgrounds. Shobana is a girl from a relatively well to do family with convent education from Bangalore and with an impending admission at Birla Academy at Delhi, her stay in the college remains a question till she gets to know the members of the gang. Her relationship with the group grows slowly and she drops the idea of going to Delhi much to her father's disappointment. Kayal who is from a house of five girls is one who believes that friendship between a boy and a girl needn't necessarily end in love and that it can remain pure. This is where the conflict phase begins as she tries to stress on this fact in as many situations as possible and even challenges the host of a talk show she gets to be part of.

When Shobana's attraction to Muthu grows into love and Muthu starts reciprocating, they are caught between remaining true friends and turning lovers that they feel might tarnish their relationship with the rest who believe true friends don't really turn lovers. Whether they suppress their emotions for the sake of friendship or let it take over forms the crux of the story interfused smartly within the life of rural college students coupled with their socio - economic compulsions that force them to graduate with flying colors. The story leads to an unexpected and gruesome climax that leaves you with a lump in your throat.
Director Balaji Sakthivel has shown several issues like political turmoil affecting normal lives in towns and students coming to the help of citizens in a matter-of-fact way, very intricately weaved into the script. But where he loses grip is that the story lacks consistency, the fact that a movie that deals with the life of college students and their coming of age isn't always easy to narrate does hit you but the glitches in bringing them all together lingers in your mind all through. Kudos to the director though for highlighting the highs and lows of college life through events like culturals, their daily bus travel, class room sequences and sharing meals. Not to mention, his handling of emotions leaves you in tears most of the times. In fact it is this that holds the movie together and it does so very well. The climax seems a bit contrived in spite of being riveting, however its resemblance to an incident that is in the news now might add to the publicity of the movie.

Hemalatha as Kayal stands out with a mature performance and Tamanna as Shobana slowly grows on you while you tend to identify with Muthu as the story progresses; they all have a promising future. The chemistry between Muthu and Shobana is the highlight of the movie. The friends who play small roles lend credibility to their characters and give life to the proceedings.

Art direction and Cinematography come in for special mention solely because they blend seamlessly with the narration and are inconspicuous. Joshua Sridhar's music is amazing and helps convey the emotions. His background score shows maturity and picturization of the songs Idhu Sariya... and Vanthanam… warrant special mention.
Blame it on the lack of stunts, item numbers with pelvic thrusts and dance sequences - the movie moves at a mellifluous pace, something that might have an impact on its prospects at the box office. If it works, it is purely because of the director and the emotions he has been able to extract from the actors.

Applause to the passionate brave hearts of Tamil cinema – producer Shankar & his team for their sincere efforts to bring quality movies.

Verdict: Not for the cheeky romantics.

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