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Film Review - Veerappu
By Jyothsna and Movie Guru
Movie review


Cast: Sundar C, Gopika, Prakash Raj, Vivek, Santhanam, Thejashree

Direction: Badri

Music: D Imman

Production: Krishnamoorthy Vijayakumar, Sujatha Vijayakumar

When a hero's first film is a hit it is only natural for the viewers to expect the same from his next film too. In other words, there is a pressure of sorts on the actor to live up to this expectation. Director Sundar C after successfully debuting as a hero in Thalainagaram returns to silver screen in the same capacity in Veerappu and has tried his best to live up to this expectation. The movie is a remake of the yesteryear Malayalam classic Spatikam.

Veerappu is all about the relationship between a strict father and his rogue son. The father played by Prakash Raj is a Maths teacher who wants his son to become a brilliant mathematician. His son Sundar C is very good in all the subjects except the one with numbers.

Father tries too hard to make him a mathematics genius whereas the son is more into science and inventions. Prakash Raj breaks one of the inventions that his son creates, compares him with another boy. The fiery youngster completely irked by his dad's innuendo and not knowing to streamline his anger lands a compass on the hands of the other student and lands himself in jail as per his father's request.

This event becomes the turning point in the life of this boy who becomes a desperado. Now his father does not even allow him to enter the house and like in all Tamil films, the hero finds solace in the slender shoulders of his school mate Gopika who brings out the latent talents from him and needless to say falls in love with him. Meanwhile Prakash Raj is framed for a murder and is arrested. How Sundar C solves this mystery and helps his father forms the rest of the story.

Debutant director Badri, has nothing new to offer for the paying public and the screenplay runs in a set predictable path. Some twists and turns in the storyline could have helped in a big way. But the climax sequence where the hero intelligently devices a plan to make the villain bring out of the truth has been well conceptualized and one can find Sundar's touch in it

Sundar C is the life and blood of this enterprise and he has done a commendable job. His acting and body languages has improved a lot and can very well give the action heroes a run for their money. Prakash Raj makes it look so easy; he has portrayed the strict father in many other films too and here also does it with total perfection. There is not much scope for acting for Gopika and she does her part well. Tejashri comes and goes mechanically. Vivek and Santhanam have come up with a good comical performance and are the only saving grace of this otherwise emotional masala potboiler.

Music by Imman is repetitive and nothing new to offer.

Overall the movie leaves you with a déjà vu feel. It is the same old wine in the same old jar and would find it difficult to make an impact at the box-office.

Verdict – Average emotional potboiler.

Rating –

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