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Film Review - Thoovaanam
By Jyothsna and Movie Guru
Movie review


Cast: Aaditya, Nethra, Tushaara, Mauryaa

Direction: Newton and Haricharan

Music: Isaac Thomas

Production: Sri Vaishnavi Productions and Sree Veeramathi Productions

Thoovaanam with little known cast is advantaged primarily due to the fact that it has not hit the marquee with the extra baggage of high budgeted films which are accompanied by big star cast and bigger expectations. However it does not disappoint the audience and certainly breathes a fresh whiff of air. The film was in the news when its crew decided to scale down their salaries after hearing the script. Will the movie attract the viewers as much as it did the film crew? Let us examine.

Thoovaanam is all about boy falling in love with a girl but with a different presentation. It is about Aaditya and Nethra, the former an interior designer while the girl is an NRI. The lead pair meets each other first on official business and their friendship develops slowly. Subsequently Aaditya misunderstands Nethra’s friendly nature as love and his misconception has been fuelled by his friends Maurya, Ponnumani and Suraj Krishna. However when Nethra rejects Aaditya’s love, he attempts to take away his life but gets saved by his friends. The interesting part of the story emerges at this point and the rest of the film is all about whether Nethra changes her stance or not.

The movie is directed by S. Haricharan and Newton who are also in-charge of story, screen play and dialogues. The duo have done a decent job with the script but the area of handling newcomers needs improvement which may have gone a long way in the presentation of the film. The movie is totally clean devoid of vulgarity and double entendres which are typical of current films. The debutant directors are also very smart in keeping off melodrama from the film. Their attempts in delivering a film of the genre of Mani Ratnam, Balachandar or Balumahendra are very evident but fall a little short. The first half is a little slow but the second half makes up for the first one and is very gripping.

In the acting department Aaditya and Nethra do a good job and impress us with their histrionics. But friends of Aaditya could have done much better. Their lack of experience shows and Tusharaa as Nethra’s friend has done her part well.

Technical department is of high order in Thoovaanam. Music director Isaac Thomas has given some decent numbers for the film. Cinematographer Madhu Ambat has done an impressive job and has demonstrated his experience in every shot. Lyrics by Na. Muthukumar and Muthu are very good too. Special mention should be given to EFX graphics studio as the song Aedhaedho maatramadi is a treat for the viewers. The graphics usage has been done beautifully which looks very real.

On the whole the movie is a decent entertainer. If you want to see a good film and do not mind the lack of star power then Thoovaanam is the one for you.

- A decent clean entertainer

Stars -

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