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Film Review - Thol(l)aipesi
By Jyothsna and Movie Guru
Movie review


Cast: Vikramadithya, Priyanka, Divya, Arthi, Karunaas

Direction: K. Paneerselvam

Music: S. Shanthakumar

Production: Blue Waters Movie Makers

Thol(l)aipesi is a very interesting name and one would hope to see a neat and interesting movie and that too a thriller. But a heavy dosage of melodrama is what one gets to witness and the intelligence of the title stops just with it.

Vikramaditya of whistle fame is the son of a rich man and he thinks that possessing a cell phone could change the life of a person completely. He uses his phone mainly to flirt around with the fairer sex. His rich dad gets him married off to Priyanka but the son never gets rid of his cell phone. He starts having an affair with a girl called Divya and when his wife Priyanka gets to know about this through the phone (Tholaipesi) she leaves him in a fit of rage.

Meanwhile he comes across another girl Arthi who brings the best out from him and in the process desires to marry him. The rest of the story is about whether Priyanka and Vikramaditya unite or whether he chooses Divya or whether Vikramaditya decides to spend the rest of his life with the girl (Arthi) who reforms him and what happens to the Tholaipesi?

Though the concept is interesting, the lack of depth in the story and the ambiguous screenplay plays spoilsport. Director K Paneerselvam’s inexperience is revealed when many scenes end abruptly.

In the acting department Vikramaditya needs to work on his emotions, but plays the romantic part pretty well. Priyanka who was last seen in Veyil does a good job and Nizhalgal Ravi suffers from proper characterization. Karunas does not impress this time and none of the other actors register an impact.

The technical department also has nothing special to boast of as the cinematography or the music department is just plain.

On the whole the movie is a non starter due to improper marketing which is very much needed for such a movie. This is a cell phone without a sim card.

Verdict - Thol(l)aipesi is just (Thollai)

Rating -

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