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Film Review - Ninaithu Ninaithu Parthen
Ninaithu Ninaithu Parthen
Movie review

Ninaithu Ninaithu Parthen- Big subject in a shell

Cast: Vikranth, Ashita, Roja, Karunas

Direction: Manikandan

Music: Joshwa Sridhar

Production: Babu Raaja

To begin with one cannot really classify this film into any particular genre. It has everything starting from the routine boy meets girl and love blooms story, to family emotions, action, some slapstick comedy and nationalistic sentiments. A perfect mix that would make a winner you would think but then each element hangs loosely and none of these really captivates you. The plot is interesting just because of the fact that an Indian boy falls for a Pakistani girl. That should have given the director enough and more twists, turns and emotions to work with. But then you find the usual trappings of commercial cinema coming into the movie.

The parent-child sentiments have been among the most effective tools in Tamil cinema right from the days of Sivaji Ganesan, but here it gets in the way of the main plot, in particular the climax. Comedy, well yes it is enjoyable in parts but sadly that does nothing to elevate the script or the movie on the whole. The villains, the manipulators and the usual anti-social bigwigs are shown to be in vehement opposition of the very presence of a Pakistani girl in India, let alone her love affair with an Indian boy. The one thing about the movie that is sensible is that the story has been shown to take place during the years of the Kargil war. That explains the hatred that the heroine evokes in India, no unnecessary sequences are wasted in explaining this to the viewer.
Chennai 600028
Coming to the performances, Vikranth seems to have learnt a bit, not a great deal from his previous experiences. But the young man still has to do a lot of hard work if he has to earn his place in the crowd of talented newcomers in the industry. Karunas and Mayilsamy try to make the most of the limited opportunity succeeding to an extent. The biggest surprise moment of the movie is (not anything about the story if you thought so) the special appearance made by none other than Dr.Cherian, Chennai’s maybe India’s most sought after heart surgeon. If not for anything else the Ninaithu Ninaithu Parthen team should be congratulated for convincing the surgeon to appear on screen.

Summing up, Ninaithu Ninaithu Parthen’s biggest downfall is its script. Caught in a web of its own with many plots and subplots getting mangled leaving the viewer confused about what the director wants to convey. The director himself seems to have been in a big dilemma when it came to the precedence that he had to give to the plots, you can’t have two or more plots being given the same level of screen time. Finally, the climax is a very big let down. It is the sort of climax that you would like to ‘walk out on’.
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Taking a look at the positives of the movie (well, there are very few), the choice of subject should come first. It is a sensitive theme which has a lot of scope and the director did show good vision in choosing it. But everything else is downhill. It might be right to say that the movie does not reflect in full the abilities of the director. Some introspection would do him a world of good. After all, he is from the Selvaraghavan school of film making. Manikandan’s debut leaves a lot to be desired.

Ninaithu Ninaithu Parthen- drowned in dilemmas.
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