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Film Review - Nee Naan Nila
Nee Naan Nila
Movie review

Nee Naan Nila – as ghostly as romantic

Cast: Bharathan, Ravi, Meghna

Direction: MPS Sivakumar

Music: Dhina

Production: Trichy R. Visvanathan (RV)

There were times in the world of Tamil cinema when movies without established names made an indelible mark at the box office. All it takes to pull off a good movie are a promising script, gifted star cast, and a story that does not dampen the spirits of the fan expecting a no-nonsense show in the screens and definitely not baloney. Now, having said that Nee Naan Nila is unquestionably a futile attempt of what the director supposedly thought was an uncommon plot at the silver screen.

Starting with the disarming Hollywood hit Ghost we have witnessed numerous movies, predominantly in the eighties in Tamil cinema that follow the same plot. The protagonist losing his life in a tragic accident and his female counterpart trying to reach him out after finding her life becoming miserable sans him. Many of them fell flat at the box office, as fans had no time to kill over a story that lampoons the mere logic of death.

Nee Naan Nila follows the same plot, however further entangling the script with a triangular love story – two guys and a girl that is. Two guys fall in love with a girl and one of them succeeds in his courting attempt.
Nee Naan Nila
While things were looking rosy, tragedy strikes soon after in the name of an accident that kills the lover boy. As we thought it was high time for the one-sided love of the second hero to be revealed, the director decides otherwise. The second hero realizes that the girl is still intensely in love with the protagonist, who is now dead. What follows is a bizarre climax that involves the spirit of the dead protagonist, now ever lamenting heroine, and the one-sided lover. Which would either make you laugh like a drain out of total disbelief or put you at wit’s end, neither of which you deserve, seriously.

Director M.P.S. Sivakumar has tried to create an innovative plot, which unfortunately has turned into haywire, blame it on the lack of logic, especially when we are living in the 21st century. While movies are abandoning stunt scenes involving a lanky hero and numerous burly villains where the hero invariably escapes unhurt – without a single bruise that is – for the sake of reality, one will have serious doubts about people buying themes that involve man and the supernatural. Siva would want to think again, next time perhaps.
Nee Naan Nila
The first half of the movie is set in a college milieu and the pace is augmented by not the characters or the plot, but by Karunas. The only other name we recognize in the movie is that of Manivannan’s, whose credits are less than passable. Perhaps the saving grace of the movie during its first half, Karunas sets the pace of the movie. That apart, Ragaisya’s pulsating gyrations for the foot-thumping ‘Oyyale Kavuthuputtale’ sung by ‘Simbhu’ grab you by the few eyeballs. Sad though, that an item song is worth a mention in a romantic movie. Dina scores music for the movie.

Since there is not much scope for performance in the movie, the actors get by with minimum marks just enough to grab their next project – if they are lucky enough to be offered any.

The other aspects worth mentioning in the movie are the captivating locations and cinematography.

In all, Nee Naan Nila is a punishment you don’t really deserve if you do have a thing for logic and expect the movie to follow the acceptable laws of moviemaking.

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