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By Jyothsna and Harish with inputs from Inian
Movie review

  Kreedom Movie Review

  Cast: Ajith, Trisha, Raj Kiran, Vivek, Saranya, Haneefa, Santhanam, Ajay   Kumar

  Direction: AL Vijay

  Music: GV. Prakash

  Production: Suresh Balaji

Being inspired from an award winning movie is not new to Kollywood, but doing justice to the story is tantamount to tightrope walking and debutant AL Vijay passes this litmus test with flying colors. A straightforward story with unpretentious characters, captured on celluloid in a most simplistic fashion.

The movie set in Trichy, is all about an honest police constable Rajkiran, who dreams of making his son, Ajith a sub-inspector of police. Being an honest policeman always comes along with its taglines, and when Rajkiran 's dream was about to come true, he is shifted to one of the most treacherous areas, Kodiyakkarai, a place ruled by a local dada Ajay who dislikes his honesty.
One thing leads to another and Ajith ends up thrashing the villain and now the wounded villain is keen to take revenge. And the rest of the movie is all about how Ajith faces the problem and whether he becomes the inspector or not.
The movie is shot very well but is not without its share of minuses as the director fails to sustain the momentum in the second half that was generated in the first half. Kreedom's post interval session seems to delve deep on melodrama which will undoubtedly bring the fairer sex to the theatres. One such scene is where Ajith is sent out by his father due to a tussle which makes him loaf around the town and enter his house late in the night. On his re-entry, Ajith’s Mother, Saranya, beckons him to have food and at that instant, all the members of the household come out with their eating plates, not having eaten a morsel of food without him the entire day. This sequence is sure to open the floodgates and make the audience wish that they were also part of this affectionate family unit.
It's very hard to pick who impresses more, Ajith or Rajkiran. Ajith has performed his part with consummate ease and looks dashing. His screen presence and dialogue delivery justifies his huge fan base and is likely to fetch him more fans. Rajkiran as Ajith's father has given an immaculate performance. His acting skills have been continuously honed to perfection and Kreedom is certain to be amongst his best.
Trisha's role is not a miniscule one but has a prominent part in the proceedings and she excels in it. Saranya's performance as Ajith's mother is very natural. Vivek makes a fleeting appearance but it is Santhanam who steals the limelight. VMC Haneefa, does a brilliant cameo in the movie. Ravi Kale as the inspecter was a revelation. Ajay as the villain thinks being a baddie is just about talking loudly and screaming at a high pitched decibel

The emotional and sentimental dialogues by AL.Vijay and Na.Muthukumar will definitely go well with family audiences. AL.Vijay has done a perfect job in selecting the right artists, and has extracted the best from each one of them like an experienced director. He sure does have a bright future in the tinsel world.
Music by G.V. Prakash needs a special mention and especially the Akkam Pakkam number which lingers on long after we walk out of the theatres. Camerawork by Thiru is nothing short of exceptional. Seamless editing by Anthony adds to the credit of Kreedom.

It's a good realistic attempt towards meaningful cinema. But if the sluggish pace in the second half is taken care of, the movie would have been much crisper.

Kreedom will categorically be Ajith's prized trophy in his filmi career.

Final Verdict – Complete family entertainer.
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