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Film Review - Arya
By Jyothsna and Movie Guru
Movie review


Cast: Madhavan, Bhavana, Prakash Raj, Tejashree, Vadivelu

Direction: Balasekaran

Music: Manisharma

Production: Manoj Kumar

Arya the Maddy- Bhavana starrer which was in the cans for a long time is finally out. This film directed by Balasekaran (love today and Thulli Thirinda Kaalam) with Madhavan in the lead role had raised a lot of expectations. But unfortunately the film fails the viewers with its age old theme and treatment of the script.

For all those analytical minds and logical brains, please leave your logical reasoning at the parking lot and then enter the theatre. You may be spared off few troubles.

Prakash Raj is a local thug who will do anything for his sister Bhavana who is as equally spoilt as her brother. To this duo, means do not matter and only ends are of concern.

This trait gets demonstrated when Prakash Raj kills a namesake of his sister who has obtained medical college admission through merit to place his sister Bhavana and that too in the presence of education minister. Do not question the system or the logic…

In the college, Bhavana, despite being a fresher, rules the campus and the students do not want to rub her on the wrong side lest they would antagonize her brother. At his juncture enters our hero Maddy who is a final year student transferred from Coimbatore and who is a law abiding character but can rise against any evil (naturally!!).

Expectantly, Bhavana and Maddy clash in a couple of instances and the former gets attracted to Maddy’s forthright character and is keen to get married to him. When this news reaches her brother, he approaches Maddy to become his brother-in-law by marrying his sister, but much to his dismay, Maddy declines the offer saying that he cannot marry a rowdy’s sister as they do not belong to the same rung in the social setup. This infuriates Prakash Raj and the rest of the story deals with his attempts to convert the ‘good boy Maddy’ to a desperado in a comical fashion to equalize their ‘social inequality’.

There are some scenes which entertain like the one where Prakash Raj decides to send the Collector and then an Inspector to convince Madhavan to get married to Bhavana. But unfortunately such sparks are a rarity in Arya.

The film travels on expected path and there are no twists or turns anywhere. It lacks in tight screenplay and coherent narration. There are too many jumps and scenes end abruptly leaving the viewer perplexed. Climax is an absolute let down in Arya. It even makes one wonder how Madhavan has accepted such a project. Though he looks as smashing as ever, there is something missing in his performance. Bhavana appeals and shines on and off. Prakash Raj like always gives his best and in fact the film starts breathing only after his entry. Tejashri comes and goes. Vadivelu satisfies his fans and Ponnambalam does a good cameo.

On the technical front, Mani Sharma, in charge of music is visible in the title peppy number. Editing could have been better and so are stunt sequences.

Verdict - Arya - Sorry ya

Rating -

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