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Ammuvaaghiya Naan
Film Review - Ammuvaaghiya Naan
By Jyothsna and Movie Guru
Ammuvaaghiya Naan
Movie review

Ammuvaaghiya Naan

Cast: R Parthiban, Bharathi, Mahadevan

Direction: Padmamagan

Music: Sabesh Murali

Production: P S Sekar

Ammuvaaghiya Naan has been in the news for several months as this was one of the movies whose release was delayed due to Sivaji. The film did not in anyway disappoint the impressive trailer which was released some time back and delves deep into the life of a commercial sex worker.

The movie is about Bharathi who lives and grows among sex workers, after her drunkard father, a rickshaw driver sells her to them for a paltry sum. She finds love and affection in the most unlikely place and grows up to be one among them. Her very first customer is a popular literary figure, Mahadevan. Due to his sadistic approach towards her, others in the house save the girl and ridicules Mahadevan. Many years pass by and Bharathi has turned into a young and beautiful woman now and is the most sought after in the house. Enter Parthiban a famous writer, whose last two books missed the National award by a whisker. As he is keen to write a story on a sex worker, he enters this house and is totally taken aback by the character of Bharathi and falls for her.

Ammuvaaghiya Naan
Parthiban asks her hand in marriage and after a lot of apprehensions, she agrees to his proposal. Bharathi soon realizes how famous Parthiban is and slowly falls in love with him after understanding his love towards her. But society does not accept their love nor does Parthiban's family and friends. Meanwhile Parthiban writes his next book on Bharathi but Mahadevan is in the panel of the selection committee for the award. Will Parthiban get this award? Will Bharathi live a peaceful life there on? To get the answers for these questions, catch it in the theatres.
Ammuvaaghiya Naan

Padmamagan the director has come up with one of the most realistic movies in recent times. The bold subject which he has chosen for his debut film is something to be appreciated and there are many scenes which are suggestive of a genius director in the making. The first night scene where Bharathi is unable to demonstrate the coyness and Parthiban asking her to sleep alone for once and when she is unable to do this, he hands her a walkman with a Ilayaraja's "Nothing but wind" tune, will surely catch you unawares. Another scene worth mentioning is when the couple goes to a restaurant and an old customer of Bharathi comes at the opportune moment and the ensuing conversation is brilliant. There are of course few immature sequences but the main positive point in the movie is that the story is never melodramatic.

Performance wise Parthiban stands tall in a role which is tailor made for him, He impresses with his underplay and Bharathi is blessed with a role of her life time in her debut venture and even though she has not used it to the fullest potential, she has not wasted it either. Mahadevan has also given a good performance.

Technical aspects in the movie are brilliant, especially the camerawork and music. Cinematography by M.S.Prabhu is very natural, which gives the right feel for the film. Music by Sabesh Murali needs special mention as the duo has given a superlative performance. The songs heard in the cassette sound very different from what we see them on screen. The feel of the movie is conveyed in the songs and it will be of no surprise if the duo gets an award or two for their work.

On the whole Ammuvagiya Naan is more like a beautiful novel. It is not slow but everyone will not be able to appreciate this work of art. It is more like a complex poem for elite poets.

Ammuvaaghiya Naan

Verdict - For those who want to see a quality Tamil movie

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