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Veyil, A sunny escapade in a man’s life
Bhavana & Bharath

Cast: Bharath, Pasupathy, Bhavna, Shriya Reddy, Priyanka, G M Kumar, T K Kala, S Ravi Maria.

Direction: Vasantha Balan

Music: G V Prakash

Banner: S Pictures

Director Vasantha Balan

Director Vasantha Balan has set his sight on awards for this film and in all likelihood could emerge successful in his mission. He is one of the initial apprentices from Shankar’s school of direction. Having trained Vasantha Balan in his school, Shankar has gone ahead to produce Veyil under his banner ‘S Pictures’. The first step towards the victory of this film is the selection of artists for each and every character where the director scores full marks.
The Theme

The film revolves around parental attitude towards their children. Though it is the right of every parent to raise their children with a sense of discipline, an excessive dose of regimental attitude is sure to misfire and bring chaos in the life of their offspring. This is the central fabric of Veyil around which the entire movie is spun.

Opening scene evokes a lot of expectations from the audience. The film unfolds in the first shot with thunder, lightening and rainfall totally in contrast with its title. Once the movie picks up pace and engulfs the audience in its flow, it induces a shower of tears from their eyes and sucks them in totally. It is difficult for anyone to come out unscathed in this emotional torrent.
Besides this, the gramophone records and theatres which are slowly doing the vanishing act from our civilization are brought to light by the director. When the theatre in the film is bulldozed, our heart is also razed down along with it.
The Story

The location for Veyil is a village near Virudunagar district. A small boy (Pasupathy) goes to cinema theatre instead of school and gets caught. As a punishment he is totally stripped of his clothes with his hands and legs tied by a rope and tormented in blistering mid-day Sun. Repeated apologies from him do not move his father. The humiliation and the excruciating pain that accompanies this event traumatize the life of this small boy to a great extent. This incident is getting rewound in his memory and acts as a cataclysmic one in his life. The boy under the impression of trying to get even with his father runs away stealing jewels and money from his household. The life that follows this scuttle forms the crux of the story.

Having lost in the battle of life Pasupathy returns to his village after twenty years. For him, his eyes are his greatest forte which reflects an array of emotions so eloquently. The nostalgia with which he views his street, his house, his childhood playground is lucidly portrayed in his eyes and in his body language. When he sees his dad after a span of twenty years, his choked voice and the emotion laden face seem to clearly portend the emergence of a versatile actor in Tamil films. This sequence is bound to move even the strongest of hearts. If Pasupathy does not win an award for this film, then we can be doubly sure about the gauging inadequacies of the jury.

In a similar vein, Bharath has also raised up the occasion in the scene where he first sees his elder brother in the tea stall wondering why he was looking out for him. The moment he realizes that it is his long lost brother the younger actor demonstrates that he too can match up with Pasupathy in acting skills.
Editing , Music and Cinematography

Directors’ crispy and linear narration has aided the editor a lot and has not given him much work. Similarly debutant music composer G V Prakash, nephew of A R Rahman has rendered life to the film with his music. His music speaks for itself in the department of back ground score and re-recording. Urugude is a melody number which is sure to find entry in the top 10 categories in all the television channels and radios. Cinematographer has done his role perfectly capturing the greenery of the southern Tamil Nadu.

When we come out of the theatres, the performance of all the actors stand out in our thoughts especially the child hood Pasupathy who requires a special mention. Whether this tear jerker would find a place in the heart of everyone would have to be waited and seen.

Thank you Vasantha Balan for a beautiful effort and for taking Tamil cinema to the next level.

Thank you Shankar for the trust and confidence reposed in the film maker.

Veyil is an emotional epic. A must watch for all especially parents.
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