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Thiruvilayadal review: Dhanush regains lost glory
Dhanush & Shreya
Dhanush & Shreya

Thiruvilayaadal Aarambam- movie review

Cast : Dhanush, Shreya, Prakash Raj.

Direction: Boopathy Pandian

Music: D. Imman

Production : Dr. K. Vimalageetha

Bhupathi Pandian has proved that he was not a flash in the pan. His first movie, Devathaiyai Kandein starring Dhanush had been a success of sorts. The director reasserts himself strongly with Thiruvilayaadal Aarambam. Dhanush badly needed a hit to salvage his career that was reeling under the pressure of constant damp squibs. Thiruvilayaadal Aarambam hits the bull’s eye.
The movie is an out and out entertainer; it can be safely categorized as a comedy, though romance too features prominently. The movie starts with a very ‘interesting’ scene. The hero (Dhanush) boards a city bus and announces that since that particular day happens to be his birthday he would be only too happy to buy tickets for all the passengers in the bus. All passengers are delighted and allow the young man to celebrate his birthday the way he wanted it. But at the very next stop waits a ticket checker who demands all passengers to produce their tickets, all of whom point their fingers towards the birthday boy. But the birthday boy calmly says that he has bought a ticket only for himself. The ticket checker gets ready to impose a Rs.500 fine on all ticketless passengers.
At this moment Dhanush starts black-marketing the Rs.2 tickets for Rs. 20 much to the ‘amusement’ of the ticket checker.
The opening scene clearly puts the message across; this is one of those movies where it is advisable to disconnect your brains and reasoning abilities. Shreya’s presence makes the movie very colourful. Dhanush’s fans will be delighted to see the songs that feature him with Shreya. The expected glamour angle that comes with Shreya’s presence is not missing. Prakash Raj does an excellent job (as usual) portraying the elder brother of Shreya.

Dhanush appears in the movie as an unemployed youth who wanders aimlessly and has an uncanny knack of getting into trouble. He and Shreya fall in love. Prakash Raj pays Dhanush 25 lakhs and asks him to back off.
The initial separation and the reunion of the lovers is what the movie is all about. Thought this storyline looks all too familiar, the director’s touch makes the movie enjoyable. Karunaas, Mayilsaamy and Sukumar liven up the proceedings by providing a few laughs, but the best scenes in the movie are the ones featuring Dhanush and Prakash Raj going at each other’s necks. The dialogues, by the director himself, have to be appreciated. The ‘Enamma Kannu’ song is catching on really well and Prakash Raj’s antics of desperation make it really memorable.

D.Imaan has done well with the music. Though there is nothing special about the tunes they go well with the movie
The choreographers too have done a fair job. There were four in all, Raju Sundaram being one of them.

Thiruvilayaadal Aarambam can be seen as Dhanush’s comeback. Though Puduppettai had been appreciated it had failed to break ice at the box office. This is Dhanush’s first true hit after Thiruda Thirudi. The initial opinions suggest that the movie is sure to do very well in the B and C centers. It has been well crafted with all the ingredients of a commercial potboiler. All in all an ‘enjoy yourself’ movie.
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