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Kamal’s Avatar starts today with 100 elephants…
Why such attention to detail? It is for obvious reasons. It is no longer as easy to shoot with animals as it was in yesteryears. There are many organizations like the PETA that have come forward against the use of animals in films, branding it as torture. If at all the use of animals is unavoidable, then good care must be taken. If they come to know about any mishandling of the animals, then they are prompt to move the court. Then there is no end to the problems that a movie can face. Remember the problems Imsai Arasan went through before its release.
Evidently, the producer and director of Dasavatharam want to avoid such hassles. Hence, these elaborate precautions. Precautions apart, on the technical front, the movie is set to create news again. The scene of 100 tuskers will be shot by 25 cameras, huge by any standards. The scene alone will reportedly cost a whopping Rs. 8 crores. The scene will last just a span of 3 minutes. Why would a producer want to spend so much on a scene of 3 minutes? We must remember that the producer is Oscar Ravichandran who spent all that money on Anniyan. The other reason is that Kamal and K.S.Ravikumar are a reliable combination. Also the crew of the film feels that the addition of such a film is certain to raise the value of the film and pull audiences to the theatres.
Producer Oscar Ravichandran, known for his trademark ‘Brahmaandam’ is doing it again. One is already getting impatient to see this scene on screen. The biggest bonus in this scene is of course that Kamal will make his appearance.

These are only the intro details of one of the characters of a movie in which Kamal plays 10 characters. Just imagine, 9 other intros. It cannot get bigger than this. In terms of characters played, sets created, elephants used or money spent. Dasavatharam is sure to rock.
We wish the crew all success and are all eyes to catch a glimpse of the movie – but photo shoots first, what say?
Karate fighter, dwarf, scientist, Bin Laden look alike, black man, business man….
Viewers can have a sneak preview of Kamal’s Dasavatharam in our gallery. From the stills that are released, Kamal as a Brahmin stands out. The other avatharams are a Karate fighter, a dwarf ( a la Aboorva Sagotharargal), an intelligent scientist, a hefty man, ‘Bin Laden’ get up, a black man, business man, an ordinary simple man ‘the boy next door’ and a robber. We are sure that this would be an absolute visual treat for all of Kamal’s fans. Enjoy viewing….
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