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Vishal alters the list of top heroes in Kollywood!!
If the screams in the movie halls running Thimiru and the ‘once more’ shouts and not to mention, the soaring collections are anything to go by, then do not be surprised; Vishal has definitely hit the bull’s eye. Thimiru’s overwhelming success in the opening could well sweep over ‘Something’ and ‘Aran’ released a while ago. While the opening reports suggest a massive hit in the making, we certainly may have to wait for a few days to reiterate the status of Thimiru in the box office.
The new poster boy of Tamil cinema

The new kid on the block; that’s what he was not very long back. But all of a sudden he is being seen in a very different light. Yes, he is the new poster boy of Tamil cinema; after all he just managed a hat trick. We are talking about the Thimiru boy, Vishal, or should we say, the Thimiru man. He is proving to be a big man in the film industry. He has just shown that he is not a spring chicken; he is out here to survive and he is doing that in style.
In an industry where your star value depends on your current box office status, Vishal is hot property. After all it is money that matters in the end and all his films have ended up making loads of them. He is currently the toast of the producers who want to sign him and are willing to pay a sum in excess of 1 crore to get his dates. Now that is something that is offered only to stars who can guarantee returns. These offers of more than a crore put him in the top 10 rankings of Kollywood stars, at least in terms of salary.
An alarm to others

He has now got ahead of the more familiar and pedigreed names of Dhanush and Simbu. He has done this in double quick time and has sounded quite a warning for other biggies in the field. If he can rise to such a position within a matter of less than 2 years, then nothing seems to be out of reach for this budding star.
In fact he now has left even the comparatively senior Madhavan, Arjun and Sarath Kumar way behind, not to mention others.
What makes him click

Now the big question, what is it that makes him click. Some say it his dark complexion, which bears striking resemblance to the Superstar’s. Some say it is the clean good boy image that he has managed to create for himself over the short period. Like it or not, Vishal has now got fans, and a whole lot of them are college girls, his guy certainly seems to get popular really fast.

News is that the girls are berserk over this tall, dark, handsome perfect-Tamil-look actor and he received a surprise kiss from a fanatic fan while shooting for his Sivappathikaaram in Madurai. Any more evidences required to substantiate that the star is being taken in?
His latest Thimiru is getting very good reports at the box office and can possibly push him even further. While the movie is doing good business, music of Thimiru is yet to be adjudged as the best chart topper. While Looking at his age and his abilities, he surely can go a very long way. Already he might be giving jitters to the top guys of the industry. Ajith, Vijay, Vikram and other stars have not had all that splendid runs at the box office and they know that one flop is all it will take for Vishal to take a peek at their positions.
A real challenge for Vishal…

But, that is a case of easier said than done and Vishal will have to work very hard and be extremely cautious. He has to choose his projects wisely and avoid getting stereotyped. Going by what he has done so far, he has the wisdom to choose well. But the real challenge may begin when he leaves the shadow of his home banner and does things on his own.
He has already begun that with Sivappathigaaram. How that movie does will be decisive. That may reaffirm or spoil his newfound star status. Till then Vishal may bask in his glory and sound the alarm for his colleagues. Go Vishal.
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