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NDTV explores ‘The Rajni Factor’
Just a villain

Considering that Rajnikanth is so media shy, NDTV tried to understand the man behind the Superstar by speaking to his peers and family. Dhanush, his son-in-law said, “He is extremely spiritual and religious. A very disciplined man, and it is that aspect I would like to emulate from him. K Balachnader, the director who introduced both Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan, said, “There was something about this boy, when I first saw him, that made me realize he has the potential.
His nose, his eyes, his features were very good, even though he was dark. And he told me “I want to be a star, that too as a villain!”
Vikram about Rajini Vs Kamal

NDTV interspersed the show with sound bytes from their earlier show, Walk the Talk with Vikram, who said, “In the beginning, it was Rajnikanth who was experimenting and doing different roles. He was playing the role of a villain, a psycho, etc, and experimenting with his films, whereas Kamal Hassan was playing the romantic hero in all films. Once Rajnikanth became a Superstar, he started giving a particular kind of films and Kamal Hassan began giving different films.”
Kamal & Rajini
As actor Prabhu rightly said, “If you see the film Chandramukhi, Jothika has given a brilliant performance, I was there in the film, P Vasu did the direction, and Rajnikanth’s role was such that he wasn’t even there in all the scenes in the film. And yet, it is undoubtedly a Rajni film and you need an actor of his caliber to be able to pull that off.”

Truer words couldn’t have been said! While we leave you with the images (in your mind that is!) of the various Rajni “styles” that is a part of every Tamil cinemagoers vocabulary and mannerisms, here are a few more sound bytes from the show
Sound bytes from the show
Kushboo: He is a wonderful father and his daughters are completely dependent on him and respect his approval for all their decisions.

As his co-star, I remember while shooting for Annamalai, he told me that the song we were going to shoot had my name in the song. I thought he was joking, because it is okay for me to sing Rajni, Rajni, but not for him to sing Kushboo, Kushboo. I thought audiences would never accept it, but well, the song turned out to be a super hit.
Prabhu: While shooting for the song Konja Neram, in Turkey, it was freezing there. The superstar came wearing baggy pants and a thin shirt, much like a hero and I told him that it is very cold and he might need a sweater. He just shrugged and said no. Later, again I reminded him and he shrugged again. Two hours later, he turned to me and said, “Man! It’s freezing! Pass me the sweater!” That’s Rajnikanth for you, honest and humble, with a great sense of humour.
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