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Hello Tunes and Ringtones – Ringing in the Money!!
Surya & Asin
Mobile phone service providers have always been known to lean towards rather creative methods when it comes to marketing. Taking advantage of our seemingly endless obsession with movies and everything related to the cinema, these service providers are having the last laugh.

Ringtones has always been a way for cell phone users to showcase their way of thought. In fact, ringtones manage to bring out the user’s tastes, preferences as well as their general personality.
While cell phone users cant seem to have enough of them, the service providers have also pulled all stops on this ever-expanding market.

A certain service provider allows the listener to program a chosen song to be played when the caller is waiting on line, creatively named “Hello Tunes”. In no time at all, Hello Tunes have become the rage among fans, who just need an excuse to associate themselves with their favourite stars.
Gana Ulaganathan
For the movie producers as well, the craze with cell phone add-ons like these has become another new avenue to rake in the big bucks. A case in point – Producer Salem Chandrasekhar sold the song, “Suttrum Vizhi Sudarae” from Gajini (incidentally the most popular Hello Tune) to an agent for 11 lakhs, who in turn sold it a to service providers for a whopping 60 lakhs! While previously Rajini’s “Amma Endrazhakadha” song was leading the virtual charts, now it is the turn of the wildly popular “Vaazha Meenu” from Chitthiram Paesuthadi to show the way.
It’s not just fans who are ensnared by the power of mobile entertainment. From what we have heard, even movie stars are ardent advocates of Hello Tunes. Vikram’s phone crooned “Devuda Devuda” till a while back, before shifting to “Sollitharava” from his own movie Majaa. Likewise, Simbu prefers a song from his own film, “Enn Aasai Mythiliae”, while music director Bharadwaj’s phone tells you to “O Podu”. Acting legend Kamal Hassan has chosen “Then Paandi Seemaiyilae” for his phone.
As for ringtones, the pair from Kaakha Kaakha, Surya and Jyothika, have both decided to jam to “Uyirin Uyire”; and Madhavan’s somber phone chants the Gayatri Mantra on being called.

For the mobile phone user, it really is time for the “music to take control”.
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