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Interview Team : Venkat; Abhishek Krishnan

Thagaraaru, the upcoming movie directed by Ganesh Vinayak, that has Arulnithi and Poorna in the lead is all set for release on the 6th of December. We caught up with the director ahead of the release of the movie for a little tete-a-tete.

Tell us something about yourself.

This is my first film. I assisted Tarun Gopi sir in Thimiru and Kaalai and also assisted Simbu in Kettavan. I am happy that I have learned a lot from them.

So, what have you learned from your Gurus?

From Tarun Gopi sir, I learned how to handle a script. It was a backbone for me. I have great respect for him.

I learned a lot of things from Simbu. I am lucky to have worked with him. I have learned how to handle a movie technically.

Simbu is up to date about the technical side of films. Kamal Haasan sir is known for his up to date knowledge about films. After Kamal I have seen it with Simbu. Be it Music, Photography, Sound, Direction, Acting, Dance and Singing, he has good knowledge about everything.

How is Simbu as a person?

He is great as a person. He knows how exactly to behave with people. When we go to a restaurant, he asks us to give respect to the waiters. He would say the waiter should not get the feeling that he is working for us. He asks us to address them as sir.

He is like a mirror. He looks at you, just like how you look at him. If you are friendly with him, he would be friendly with you. If you behave badly, you’ll get the same behavior from him.

Tell us how you landed in this project?

The people who supported me to get this project are Sushanth, CEO of Cloud Nine. He was the one who took me to the Cloud Nine office. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank actor Mahat, who played a major role in helping me get this project.

I also wish to express my sincere gratitude to producer Dhayanidhi Alagiri sir. People often think twice before lending others some money. But Durai sir, (stops midways and says, that’s how we call him) has trusted me and invested a lot of money for this movie.

What is Thagaraaru all about?

It is an action thriller based in Madurai. The movie is based on four thieves Saravanan, Senthil, Arumugam and Palani. All four are names of Lord Murugan (Smiles).

Arulnithi plays Saravanan and his character in the movie is what he is originally. There are a few scenes where Arulnithi speaks broken English. They’ve come out very well. It is a very usual story. But I guarantee that the audience will not be cheated.

We heard that you had suggested many other titles before you zeroed in on Thagaraaru. Can you take us through the story of how the title came up?

Yeah, we thought of numerous other titles. Some of them were Sambhavam, Ganganam, Pagal Vettai, Pagal Kollai, Adi odhai kuthu.

But the titles were either registered at the Producer’s Council or at the Guild. The titles that I suggested, the producer did not like. The titles he suggested, I did not like. The titles we both liked were already registered.

When we were casually speaking about this, the producer uttered the words “Title pudikarudhey orey thagaraara irukku”. I immediately told him, “Sir Thagaraaru is a good title”. That is how the title came up. All the credits for this title go to the producer.

We were reported that you had Raghunanthan on board for the music. How did you end up working with Dharan?

Yes, it was Raghunanthan who was to compose the music for us initially. But, I wanted the songs as soon as possible. Raghu is a good friend. He told me that he was held up and asked me to go ahead with someone else and that is how Dharan came in. Dharan is a good friend too. He used to come to meet Simbu before Poda Podi. That’s how we became friends.

However, the BGM was done by Praveen Sathya as Dharan was busy. At some points I was scared how a few scenes would shape up. But Praveen’s BGM has taken those scenes to another level.

Praveen actually looked modern when I met him. I was not sure if he would be able to handle a native subject. But after seeing his work I realized that music has no language.

How have the songs come out?

The songs have come out very well. I have written the lyrics for two songs. Thiruttu Paya Pulla and Super Thirudan.

I like Behindwoods a lot. I have followed Behindwoods on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Behindwoods is straight forward in their reviews. I liked two songs a lot in the Thagaraaru album and you had given thumbs up for exactly the same tracks.

How did you choose Arulnithi?

I hadn’t met Arulnithi before. Dance master Dinesh introduced me to Arul sir in Thenkasi. I felt he would be apt for the script. Everyone was doubtful when I said I wanted Arulnithi as the lead.

After I narrated the script at Cloud Nine, Durai sir asked me who I had in mind for the lead. I told them Arul sir would be apt.  

The first thing that he asked me was will you be able to handle him. But after I started mingling with him, I realized he is like a child. He is extremely friendly. His character is directly opposite to what people told me about him.

He hasn’t come late to the shooting spot one single day. He asks for suggestions even for little things. There has not been any “Thagaraaru” between us for anything.

He could do anything if he wanted. His brother is the producer. He has such a huge background. But he did not have anything of that sort in his mind. He was friendly, punctual and was a director’s actor.

What role does Poorna have in the film?

Poorna will act as a college girl who never goes to college. (laughs)

You mean she hates going to college?

No. As per the script she is a college girl. But we have not taken any portions of her in college. That’s what I meant. She plays Jaya Prakash (JP) sir’s daughter. JP sir is a local financier in the film. Poorna has a very important role to play.

Poorna was also very friendly and professional in the sets. We had no issues with her either, whatsoever.

Generally most heroines from Kerala are professional. I have also worked with Nayanthara, Amala Paul and Asin and all of them were very professional.

How did you select Poorna?

It was Pooja who referred me her name. We auditioned many people. Arul is tall. We needed someone who would match his height. Nothing worked. Finally we closed in on Pooja. But, two days later she called and told that she wouldn’t be able to do the project and referred me to Poorna.

What are your future plans? Do you have plans of making a movie with Simbu in the lead?

Yes. Definitely. I have plans of making a movie with Simbu. We are good friends. Actually I was supposed to make a movie with him first. But he was busy with the Love Anthem song with Akon and I got committed to this project.

But, you will definitely write about the student who directed his Guru in the near future.



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