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Interview Team : Jigdesh

The upcoming web series, Happy to be Single is all set and ready for launch today, 15th November. The series has been produced by S.S Shreekarthick and Swaminath Raamanathan under the banner Madboys entertainment.

When we caught up with the master minds behind the idea of the first web series ever in India, we got to witness two enthusiastic pairs of eyes that looked up at us with excitement.


So, how did the idea of a web series pop up?

We wanted to do something that would get us a name. We first thought of a short film. But short films have become very common these days. We wanted to do something different. That is when the idea of a web series popped up. We browsed through various web related videos made so far and got a fair idea. We are happy that things have worked well for us so far.

What steps have you taken to make your product reach to the audience?

We knocked the doors of many. Wherever we went, the reaction was "Web series? What is that?" After all the explanation, we were turned down as they did not want to risk a new concept. 

Ultimately, we approached Sony. They took a look at all our episodes and were impressed. We are glad that they accepted to publish the series in their web channel.

We notice that a few celebrities have watched and commented about the web series. What was their reaction?

Well, we got the opportunity to show our work to director Venkat Prabhu, Premgi, Amy Jackson, Anirudh and director A.L Vijay. They took the time to watch all episodes and they loved it.

So, what is your web series about?

Its about relationships. As the title says, "Happy to be single", there is a character in the series who is happy to be single and not ready to mingle. We've covered all what happens in real life. The audience would relate to it easily.

What are your future plans?

We want to make sure this web series reaches out to many people. If it does, we are planning a second season. With the type of feedback we are receiving from the people who have watched it, we are pretty sure that the audience will like it.

S.S Shreekarthick and Swaminath Raamanathan, the two determinant talents are engineering students who share the common ambition to make it big in the media field. Well, their first step appears to be a brave move.

Happy to be Single will feature Shreekarthick, Swaminath and Deekshitha Manikkam in the lead roles. The series is directed by Shreekarthick and produced by Madboys entertainment.

Other crew details are as follows:
Radhan - Music Director 
Stanly - Cinematographer 
Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratham - Singer
Sandhya - Singer
Jomin – Editor 
Local Tea Party - Lyricist 
Shankara – VFX
Sync Cinema – Sound design 
Chelladurai – Poster Design 
Loyola Dream Team – Choreography



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