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The latest sensation in K Town, Keerthy Suresh is the lady lead in Dhanush's Thodari and Senior Editor Jyothsna Bhavanishankar catches up with the popular actress for a quick chat about the film, Dhanush, Prabhu Solomon and her feelings on being one of the most loved actresses in current times.


What made you take up Thodari?

I loved Prabhu Solomon sir’s Kumki and I know he will be very classic in his making. Added to that, when it was the combo of him with Dhanush, the excitement was more. Also, when I heard the story and my character, it attracted me all the more.


Your role in Thodari

I play a Malayali in the film, a touch up girl for an actress. It is a cute, innocent character with humorous touches. I have not done an innocent character till now.



Dhanush does not take time to practice or rehearse

We all know that Dhanush sir is an amazing actor and a performer. I was excited to get an opportunity to act with him. I knew that I could learn lots and lots from him. He is a very simple man. He does not take time to practice or rehearse. He just goes for the shot and aces it. He is a director’s actor and mixes his style with that. It was very nice to have worked with him.


Prabhu Solomon

I had a wonderful chemistry with Prabhu Solomom sir

It was super working with Prabhu Solomon sir. He is an amazing director and an actor too. He used to act out every single shot and he knows the meter of what he wants which becomes easy for an actor. As artists, we don’t go overboard or underplay. Apart from that, he is open to suggestions and I had a wonderful chemistry with him.


Harish Uthaman

Once he smiles, he looks like an innocent guy

Harish is a good friend of mine. He is a perfectionist, but he is even more, kind. There were scenes where he had to chase me, pull my hair, slap me etc. Even when the director insisted him to do it real, he was very sweet and kind not to hurt me. But I was like- 'its ok; come on do it; it’s part of the movie'. Since he knows Malayalam and I play a Malayalee, if I had any doubts, I used to discuss with him. He was very helpful.

He looks very sharp, fierceful and usually sits without a smile like a proper villain, but once he smiles, he looks like an innocent guy. Of course, I am not sure if he is innocent but he looks like that (laughs).


Memorable moments

We used to have tea on top of a running train

Once we shot in Dudhsagar Falls. The journey to the falls and back was very interesting. We used to sit on top of the train and come back at nights. We had to ensure tree branches don’t hit our head. It was all dark, dusky, raining and cold. We used to have tea on top of a running train. It was so memorable. There were times when we had to travel through the forests during misty mornings. You may have seen some of the shots from the film. One thing about Prabhu Solomon sir’s film is to explore locations and it was really memorable for me on that count.


You are one of the most loved actresses now. How do you feel about it?

I neither think about the past nor about the future

Am I really? These are the things I never expected. It’s all due to God’s and my parent's blessings. Touch wood!  The audiences are a great support and they are the ones who are taking us to the next level. I am very happy to hear this but I don’t want to think too much on those lines. Basically, I am someone who goes with the flow. I neither think about the past nor about the future and just live in the moment. Whatever good is happening, I am happy about it; anything bad happening, I just hope it will be better in the future.


Your sister is married. You must be missing her now..

Yes, Revathi is married. I actually thought that after her marriage, we have to take her to the car with the bridegroom and I will be weeping, mom will be consoling etc. But in reality, it was totally twisted. We all came to Chennai for the reception. My brother-in-law’s house is close to mine and she keeps coming up and down. She is still with me!


Projects underway

I am doing a Telugu film Nenu Local with Nani, it is set to release in December and of course Bairavaa and Remo. Apart from these, I have not signed any other film as of now.


Wishing you more success in your future endeavors Keerthy!


Jyothsna Bhavanishankar




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