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Having apprenticed with Venkat Prabhu during his Chennai 28 days, Sripathy has had the experience to hone his skills at direction before taking the plunge with his curiously titled directorial debut Kanimozhi. Here he talks about the way he adapted to write Kanimozhi’s script, how easy it was to find a producer for his maiden venture and why you should watch Kanimozhi.

What is special about Kanimozhi?

To start with, Kanimozhi’s story is special. Its screenplay is special. Usually screenplay of any movie is written keeping in mind the movie’s flow towards the climax. But I have based the screenplay on a philosophy. That is what I think is special about the movie. The movie will be a different experience. I would say, altogether the film is special. I assure that Kanimozhi will not be like other formula movies. This is a slice of college life. It’s a fun, feel good and realistic film. This will be a close-to-life, non-cinematic movie.

I have based the screenplay

on a philosophy

Only Jai could pull off

such a role

On Jai

First and foremost, the title role is that of a final year college student and today in the industry only Jai could pull off such a role. The other reason being, I know him back from my Chennai 28 days. I know Jai’s potential as an actor and the fact that he’s a sensible actor. He’s familiar with all aspects of film making, which is very important for an actor in my opinion. In my opinion, an actor also needs to be creative like a writer, musician or a director. Only then he can perform well.

Shahazn Padamsee

This movie is shot based on sync sound technique. The dialogues were recorded in the location itself. We should have signed a girl who can speak Tamil for that role. I auditioned a few girls but found nobody satisfactory. That is when I decided on Shahazn Padamsee whom I have seen in ad films before. Since she is a theatre artist herself she did not have issues with Tamil dialogues.

Music director Satish Chakravarthy and cinematographer Chidambaram

Not only Satish but cinematographer Chidambaram is also a debutant. Producer Siva gave me the freedom to choose my own team and he entrusted me with the responsibility of selecting technicians for the movie. I had mild apprehensions about working with experienced people. I chose debutants since I thought they will find it easy to adapt to my working style. I think Satish and Chidambaram have done justice to their roles. Whoever watched the movie had only good things to say about the background score and the visuals.

Satish and Chidambaram

have done justice

to their roles

Emotional value of the

background score enhances

the movie watching experience.

Songs of Kanimozhi and background score

I received positive responses from both public and reviews about the songs. The songs Muzhumadhi and Thada Thada have also topped the digital download lists. Satish and I discussed a lot before he started off with the background score. After the scoring is over, Satish told me that he doesn’t like the songs now any better than the score. I am glad that people who watched the movie also feel the same thing. Emotional value of the background score enhances the movie watching experience.

What kind of genre is Kanimozhi?

Kanimozhi definitely falls in the love story genre. However, I cannot stereotype my movie as a love story. The movie travels with the lead character Rajesh. He is an ever optimistic man who wants to live his life happily. At some level, Kanimozhi teaches how to lead a happy life as well.

I cannot stereotype my movie

Any interesting sequence in Kanimozhi?

I cannot single out any sequence and tell you that it’s my favorite. It’s a very interestingly written screenplay strung together with interesting scenes. So the entire movie will be a good experience to watch.

Why the title Kanimozhi?

The reason how many people got to know about the movie could be attributed to its title. We selected the title because we knew the name has tremendous recall value. Now the title Kanimozhi is proving to be a plus for the movie.


At the first instance, I would like to thank the producers for the support. Since we used the sync sound technique, the movie’s production budget shot up. Although it doesn’t mean anything for the business, they totally obliged after realizing my passion. Initially, this movie was supposed to be produced by Siva but when Sona heard the script, she wanted to be a part of the movie and joined the production team. I am grateful for the freedom my producers gave me during the course of the movie. More than producing a movie, they found it as a work of art.

Venkat Prabhu is the nucleus

Venkat Prabhu

If there is someone significant in the project than the producers, it’s Venkat Prabhu. He is the reason how this project came into existence. Venkat Prabhu is the nucleus. He is also the reason Siva took up this project. Initially he assured me that he will start his own production company to launch me. But after discussions with Siva, who advised Venkat to stick to his directorial duties, the movie was decided to be launched under Amma Creations banner. Venkat brought Sona in during the course of the production. Sona was interested in producing a movie and since this would be an experience for her to work with an established production company, she took this opportunity up.

Thanks to the Behindwoods viewers. Please watch Kanimozhi. I am sure you will love it.

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