The bubbly and chirpy Hansika was shooting for Settai when behindwoods caught with her. The gorgeous young girl talks about Settai, Santhanam, Vettai Mannan and Simbu among other things. Over to Hansika

Your role in Settai

My role in Settai is that of a dominating girl, an air hostess and how she loves her boyfriend JK (Arya) and how she dominates him. It is also about how she gets into a problem and how he saves her.

About Settai

Settai is a remake of Delhi Belly but it has been changed to Tamil tastes so that a family can sit together and watch the film. I can’t reveal more than this.

About Kannan

Kannan is really really sweet and I am comfortable working with him. He makes his artists very comfortable and also gives them enough space to act.

How charming is Arya?

He is a sweetheart and it is nice to work with him. The whole crew of this movie is very young and we play around and pull each other and we don’t realize when the schedule gets over.

Arya is a sweetheart

Premji and Santhanam

You cannot compare both these people as they are two different individuals. Santhanam is basically in all my movies and he says we two are a package together. The problem working with Santhanam is that when I look at his face, I start laughing.

I have just shot two days with Premji and I cannot much say about him now. He is a sweet person.

I start laughing when I look at Santhanam

How did you accept a bold role in Settai?

My role in Settai is much different from the one in Delhi Belly where you don’t have a song for my role whereas there are songs for me in Settai. Scenes have been changed as per my character in this and I am not doing anything wrong in this. I have my fans in the family audience and I always would keep that in mind before I sign my films. Yes, people can go watch Settai with their families.

People can go watch Settai with their families

Technical team

Technical team is very good in Settai and I hope I look beautiful in it as I have total faith in them.

Your philanthropic activities

I don’t talk about these things as they are very personal to me. If I do something socially it is because I feel for them and not because I want to tell people what I do. It is very private and I don’t want to show off!

It is very private and I don’t want to show off!

You are doing two films with Simbu. How easy was it to impress him?

I never ever try to impress my co-stars and Simbu is my co-star. We do our job and go off.

I never ever try to impress my co-stars

How naughty is Santhanam?

Santhanam is very naughty and for some reason he calls me Angeline Jolie. I don’t know in which angle I look like her. If he at least says, Kushboo, I would blush, smile and go away. Santhanam teases me a lot. And when I start laughing, I can’t stop. It is very difficult to shoot with Santhanam and when he comes on the sets, I know it is going to be a lengthy shoot that day!

It is very difficult to shoot with Santhanam

Vaalu director Vijay Chander

Vijay Chander is a debutant but comes across as a confident director and I am glad I am working with him. His script is very strong and I am actually looking forward to Vaalu.

Your role in Vaalu

Let’s keep it till the trailer is out and I don’t want to much say about my role. It is sweet and nice and it’s not right for me to reveal it so soon.

It’s not right for me to reveal it so soon

Technical crew of Vaalu

The technical crew is nice; songs have come out well and I have heard a few of them. Thaman has given great sound tracks and we are still working on it.

Vettai Mannan director Nelson

I don’t know what Nelson saw in me to give me a character of a gangster. I still wonder about it. When I asked him what makes him think that I can play a gangster, he shot back saying ‘what makes you think that you can’t play a gangster’. Perhaps, it is reverse psychology and maybe I can play one. The role is very different from all the characters that I am doing and I am looking forward for it and hope people accept me in it.

Working with Deeksha Seth

I have met Deeksha in award functions and we don’t have scenes together. Yeah, she is a sweet girl.

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