Vedhika heroine of Bala’s Paradesi speaks to

How did you get the opportunity in Bala’s film?

Sangeetha had referred my name to Bala. He invited me for audition and make up tests. He brought me onboard Paradesi only after he was convinced that I would be apt for the role. I am lucky to be part of Bala’s movie so early in my career.

I am lucky to be part of Bala’s movie

Your role in Paradesi

I am not allowed to reveal much about my role in the movie but I will tell you that there is a surprise factor associated with my character in the movie like any other Bala’s movie. I think this is also one of the most awaited films of 2012 as well. I also feel proud to be associated with Bala and one of the most expected films of the year.

Did you ask about the story of the movie?

The brand Bala was enough for me to sign in his film. Not only in Tamil, but Bala is a well known name outside the Tamil industry as well. Even people who do not know the language know about his movies. Even a few of my other language friends, who have never seen any Tamil movies, are very excited to know that I am working in a Bala film. It is a proud moment for me to work with Bala.

Brand Bala is enough for me

How was the learning experience working with Bala?

It was tremendous working with him. There was also tremendous pressure to perform to match Bala’s expectations. The shooting flew off in 85 days and I am going to miss shooting in the film. Working with Bala has been phenomenal and I never expected an opportunity like this to come across. I am lucky to be part of Paradesi.

How was it working with Atharva?

It was wonderful working with Atharva and he has done hard work for the film. It was a very professional working experience.

Any memorable experience at the shooting?

Every day has been a memorable experience for me. There has been challenging scenes and it was generally tiring. There are some instances that were truly a learning experience for me. You will all enjoy the movie and my role in it. It will be a refreshing experience.

It was generally tiring working in Paradesi

Cinematographer Chezhian

Paradesi’s cinematographer is Chezhiyan. It was a wonderful team and the team effort was visible on the sets. It was fabulous working with all of them.

Your favorite song

It’s an old Ilayaraja song, picturized on Vijayakanth called ‘Sangathil Padatha’. I love that song.

We hear the movie is inspired from a novel. Do you know about it?

I have no idea about it. You will have to ask Bala.

About Dansika’s role

Everyone has got very good roles in the movie. So has Dansika.

Bala’s films usually provide very good scope for performance. How was your role in the movie?

My role has tremendous scope in the movie. My role is also a surprise package in the movie and I hope fans love it.

How was it working with Simbu?

He is a very talented actor and his movies have very good scope for female characters. He is also a very good human being.

Simbu is a very good human being

How was it working with Santhanam?

It was wonderful. I could not control my laughter in many scenes. He was so funny.

How do you select movies?

I have made a conscious decision to act in different genres. Muni was ghost – comedy, Kalai was entertainer and Malai Malai was action. After Malai Malai I did not do Tamil movies since I was working in Telugu and Kannada movies. I have done two movies in Telugu and one of the movies received Nandi award. I am very happy that I could do such movies. Also in Tamil films I am looking to do only quality movies.

About Malai Malai

It was a good team and my role was very good with scope for performance. It was a commercial hit and I am happy to have associated with it.

About Chakkarakatti

I wanted to work with producer Dhanu and there was AR Rahman’s music. That was enough for me to take that film up and I enjoyed working for it.

Which language movies do you prefer?

I am open to do films in all languages. I do not have such barriers. Of course, I am very comfortable in Chennai and I have done 6 films in Tamil. I am definitely looking forward to do more Tamil films. The audience and film fraternity are very supportive in Tamil.

About your future projects

I am in talks right now about a few Tamil films. My next film would be a Kannada film. I want to give my best in my movies. I like to do dance oriented movies.

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