Hansika, the young bubbly actress’s career graph is steadily soaring with films like Settai, Biriyani, Theeya Velai Seyyanum Kumaru, Vettai Mannan and Vaalu. She is also the recipient of JFW Women Achiever’s Award.  In an exclusive telephonic interview with Senior Editor Jyothsna Bhavanishankar, the beautiful actress discusses about the award, her inspiration and also sends out a message to women on International Women’s Day

How does it feel to have won the JFW Women Achievers Award?

I feel great and proud to have won this award and I feel good too!

Your take on other winners this year like Trisha, Sania Mirza, Dipika Pallikal and Saroja Devi?

It is the result of their hard work and they are all extremely deserving. Congratulations to all the winners!

What do you think would have been the reason behind your selection for the award?

I don’t want to go into the reasons. I am getting an award and I feel happy. I bow my head, fold my hands and accept it. That’s all!

The women who have inspired you in your life?

My mother! She is one person who has done so much for my sake and she inspires me a lot.

The actresses you look up to?

I look upon not only actresses but all the women who are balancing so many things in their life, their sacrifices and their hard work. I salute all those women!

What’s your opinion on women’s safety in the cities that you work majorly?

Safety is in women’s hands. They have to take necessary precaution and handle things intelligently. In case they are working late hours, they need to inform their parents and keep the people at home well informed about their whereabouts.

Safety is in women’s hands

About your initiatives to adopt young kids; what’s the prime motive behind this?

There is no motive or reason behind this. It is a heritage for me. I have seen my mom take care of people and one day she suggested why not I do something in that direction. That’s how the idea sprang up and now I am taking care of the children’s education, their shelter and their general well being. I feel happy doing it.

Do you see any difference in the way actresses are treated in the Tamil and Telugu industries?

Not at all! I don’t see any difference and we are all treated well.

Any Bollywood offers on the anvil?

I am working without a break here and I don’t have any time for Hindi movie right now.

Your favorite co-stars in Tamil and Telugu

All my co-stars are my favorites

What’s the secret of your sudden weight loss?

I don’t eat! Jokes aside, I do all the routine things to lose weight. I eat less and do my work outs regularly. Besides that I have hectic work schedule and that’s the secret of my weight loss.

Your style quotient and your USP

My USP is I don’t boast about myself. About my style quotient-I don’t go through any magazines and I am not into fashion trends. I wear what I like and what I am comfortable and what suits me. I generally prefer girly stuff!

My USP is I don’t boast about myself

The kind of movies you like to watch. Do you catch up on Hollywood and other world cinema?

I have been working non-stop for the last so many months and I have not watched a film in quite a while now.

Do you miss your school and college life?

I can’t say I miss my college life. This is part of my job and I enjoy my work and so there is no question of sacrifice.

Do you believe in the number game? About being number 1, number 2?

I don’t believe in any of these number games. It does not mean anything to me. I am here to do my work which I do with sincerity.

What does fame mean to you?

Fame is entertaining people and making my fans happy.

Fame is entertaining people and making my fans happy.

About limited shelf-life of Indian heroines but in Hollywood it is not. Your take

Women have so many roles to play in their life and they have lots of responsibilities. We can’t compare Hollywood and our culture. It is a different scene there. Here a woman has to be a wife, a mother, a sister, a working professional and many more. She needs to balance so many things and in each phase of her life, she has a specific role to play. So the current set up is fine with me.

Women’s day message

My message to all my fellow women – be strong, be level headed, have faith in yourself which will lead you to successful path and the most important thing is respect your parents.

Respect your parents



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