Review By : Release Date : Mar 18,2016 Movie Run Time : 2 hours 30 minutes Censor Rating : U

Production: Arya, Prithviraj, Santosh Sivan, Shaji Nadesan Cast: Chandini Sreedharan, Chemban Vinod Jose, Prithviraj, Soubin Shahir Direction: Jijo Antony Screenplay: Manoj Nair Story: Manoj Nair Music: Sanker Sharma Background score: Sanker Sharma Cinematography: Abhinandan Ramanujan

“Truth is merely a perspective” - Anonymous.

Similarly, who decides which is a good deed, and which is a bad one. A particular act can take any shade depending on the perspective from which it is viewed. Now, in a story who decides who is the hero and who is the villain? The storyteller. Because it's in his point of view that the audience are introduced to the characters. Having this interesting knot at the base, Prithviraj’s Darvininte Parinamam (Darvin’s Evolution) kicks off well. But does the well set mood sustain? Read on to find out.

Prithviraj as Anil Anto convincingly (by looks and performance) plays the role of a middle class man with some limited wishes and goal. Chandini Sreedharan as Amala renders a neat work as Prithviraj’s wife. This presentation directed by Jijo Antony is strengthened by an impressive performer like Chemban Vinod who also shoulders the title name of Darvin.

A Few instances where the narrator’s voice over were placed truly grabs the viewer’s attention. A person’s life can take a 360 degree alteration after a life changing event. What happens in case of Mr & Mrs Anil forms the crux of the tale penned by Manoj Nair. Though the time taken by the story to settle down was too long, it had the potential for a gripping screenplay post the high point (life changing event). Unfortunately, we see the story not taking advantage of the space that the plot offered to pace up.

A creator is bound to have multiple ideas, but streamlining them is vital. A creator should also be brutal in cutting off few ideas if it diverts away from the core concept of his. In case of Darvininte Parinamam, that kind of brutality is missing. This subtracts the engagement factor and makes the viewer wonder why the story has taken this route?

Functional work behind the camera and on the editing table upgrades the overall experience. Sankar Sharma delivers a deft piece of work through his music. To sum up, Darvininte Parinamam fails to showcase the actual evolution of Darvin though the plot offered the opportunity.

Verdict: Not strong enough evolution, but harmless for a one time watch.
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


Darvinte Parinamam (aka) Darwinde Parinamam

Darvinte Parinamam (aka) Darwinde Parinamam is a Malayalam movie with production by Arya, Prithviraj, Santosh Sivan, Shaji Nadesan, direction by Jijo Antony, cinematography by Abhinandan Ramanujan. The cast of Darvinte Parinamam (aka) Darwinde Parinamam includes Chandini Sreedharan, Chemban Vinod Jose, Prithviraj, Soubin Shahir.