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Production: Nivin Pauly Cast: Anu Emmanuel, Nivin Pauly Direction: Abrid Shine Screenplay: Abrid Shine, Muhammad Shafeeq Story: Abrid Shine, Muhammad Shafeeq Music: Jerry Amaldev Background score: Rajesh Murugesan Cinematography: Alex J. Pulickal
Action Hero Biju is a beautiful slice-of-life story! The uniqueness is that it is a story of a cop. And the reason it is beautiful is because it is canned matter-of-fact. 
Usually a cop story will have an upright cop going against a single antagonist. If you think about it, is that real? Action Hero Biju audaciously breaks that template and takes you through a phase of a Police Sub Inspector Biju Paulose as he chases down criminals, thieves, drug dealers and other eccentrics of the society. 
Being ambitious about breaking templates of a cop story is all fine, but if you are not good at coming up with a tight screenplay, you as a writer might look really silly. Abrid Shine and Muhammad Shafeeq seem to have understood this really well and have worked very hard to make sure there is enough humour running along from start to end, with nice mix of emotion, little bit of thrill, action and drama. The duo writers get some solid support from editor Manoj to bring their vision on screen. 
Dialogues again are natural. Be it the times when Biju tears apart wrong doers, or when he delivers a heart touching speech at a school or when he lets his pride out in the climax, dialogues precisely convey the emotions to the audience. 
Alex J Pulickal, the cinematographer mostly frames the visuals up close, adding to the curiosity of the viewers in the proceedings. Rajesh Murugesan the music director of the iconic Premam, follows it up brilliantly with Action Hero Biju. His background scores give life to the narration. Songs composed by Jerry Amaldev are enjoyable and come as montages.
Nivin Pauly the current toast of Kerala, hits the bull’s eye again in this author-backed-role of Biju Paulose. There is a string of talented actors in the movie, everyone shining in their own space. Suraj Venjaramoodu leaves a mark even with very few minutes of screen time he is given. 
Abrid Shine whose last movie was the critically acclaimed and commercially successful 1983, takes up a different genre in Action Hero Biju and successfully steers the ship to the finish line. 
Verdict: Action Hero Biju is an enjoyable, audacious attempt at breaking cop story templates.
( 3.25 / 5.0 )


Action Hero Biju (aka) Actionhero Biju

Action Hero Biju (aka) Actionhero Biju is a Malayalam movie with production by Nivin Pauly, direction by Abrid Shine, cinematography by Alex J. Pulickal. The cast of Action Hero Biju (aka) Actionhero Biju includes Anu Emmanuel, Nivin Pauly.