Release Date : Oct 25,2013
Mickey Virus
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Production: Arun Rangachari, Vivek Rangachari
Cast: Elli Avram, Manish Choudhary, Manish Paul, Nitish Pandey, Puja Gupta, Varun Badola
Direction: Saurabh Varma
Screenplay: Saurabh Varma
Story: Elvin Raja, Gaurav Varma, Saurabh Varma
Background score: Hanif Shaikh
Cinematography: Anshuman Mahaley
Dialogues: Saurabh Varma
Editing: Archit D Rastogi
Distribution: DAR Motion Pictures
Saurabh Varma's Mickey Virus is yet another small timer, staking its claim at the box office this week. The premise is something new for Indian films and it is set around the fascinating world of computer hackers and their wizardry.  
A spunky Delhi hacker, Mickey Arrora is forced into working for the Delhi Police to crack a series of murders of foreigners, where a big hacking network named 'Brahm Gang' is involved.
As Mickey's involvement in the case increases, he discovers some dirty secrets about the people around him and needs to save his skin urgently as the bad guys are fast on pursuit.
Mickey has his group of hacker friends and they indulge in plenty of one-upmanship as to who is the better hacker. These hacking scenes early on in the movie, are too flashy and exaggerated though. You might find yourself disconnected during these scenes. 
Mickey then falls head over heels in love with Kamayani, a working woman who bears a striking resemblance to a video game character that he creates. Their romance is not all roses as he is faced with a grave situation soon enough.
The film is replete with technicalities and even the BGM score makes use of beeps and other sounds that we get to hear while using the computer.
The first half takes its time to unfold and by the intermission, it manages to rake up some interest. The second half really picks up steam as the suspense element creeps in and it takes quite a while for the bad guys to be presented on screen. These segments are the best moments of the film and make it engaging.
Manish Paul looks like another version of Virat Kohli and he puts in an energetic show. His styling is in line with the metro-sexual Indian male and he might earn himself a sizable female fan following. Watch out for him.

Elli Avram looks wild, exotic and doesn't shy away from flaunting her assets. Our Indian heroines are expected to be a bit more sober and tender though. Her role is pivotal anyway. 
Puja Gupta is such a fast talker and tries to be a cheaper version of Anushka Sharma. She is spontaneous, alright. Raghav Kakkar plays Mickey's Sardar friend and his technical prowess gives the movie a very thrilling chase sequence in the second half. 
Manish Choudhary plays yet another stern taskmaster's role and his mustached demeanor is apt for the role. Varun Badola's accent is too localized and the speed of his diction makes it difficult to fathom his dialogues. His is a good show nevertheless. Nitesh Pandey's role assumes importance towards the end and springs a surprise. 
The songs by Hanif Shaikh are passable without being noteworthy. Cinematographer Anshuman Mahaley's effort shows during the chase scenes in the second half.  
Towards the end, when the knots are untied and the suspense unfolds, you really need to pay attention else there will be plenty of unanswered questions bothering you. This in itself is a credit to the director's effort. 
Give Mickey Virus a shot and experience a new kind of suspense thriller. You have to tolerate the exaggerated usage of technicalities though.
Verdict: Springs a surprise thanks to the suspense element and the speedy second half
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


Mickey Virus aka Mickey Virus

Mickey Virus aka Mickey Virus is a Hindi movie with production by Arun Rangachari, Vivek Rangachari, direction by Saurabh Varma, cinematography by Anshuman Mahaley, editing by Archit D Rastogi. The cast of Mickey Virus aka Mickey Virus includes Elli Avram, Manish Choudhary, Manish Paul, Nitish Pandey, Puja Gupta, Varun Badola.