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As I was racing towards my office along the mount road on a Friday morning, my eyes hung on to the poster of a film called SUNDATTAM announcing its audio release. As I came nearer to the poster my curiosity was elevated to find the team of Kanaa Kaanum Kaalangal fame Irfan and Madhu with their hands on a carom board.  I was very happy to find that the team who had worked earlier in the famous serial Kanaa kaanum kaalangal, now finding the serial title become true as they have now elevated themselves to the big screen. To my surprise it was director Brahma who earlier had directed the serial now opening the doors for the big world of cinema to the youngsters. That evening after coming from office, I prowled the internet to go through the songs the music director had created. Britto, who has not been heard before in Tamil cinema, has pocketed himself a coin with these songs.

1. Narmukaye Narmukaye

The first song of album sung by Aalap Raju and Madhubala gives the listener a soothing experience of a melodious song clubbed with good Lyrics by Snehan. Britto has well understood that first impression is a good impression and this song is going to continue the growing prowess of Aalaap Raju.

2. Adi Unnale

The music director has extended his feel good music through the voice of Karthick and lyrics of Na Muthukumar. ADI UNNALE is a good peppy melody which elevates the mood of romantic melody; this is definitely going to be the pulse of young romantic boys and girls.

3. Nethyile

After two melody songs it would have been good to hear a folk song from Britto but the case was a solo song from music director Arunagiri who along with singer Kaali has given a number usually found in northern Chennai slums reminding us of THAT Gana Ulaganathan song which was a massive hit. This is definitely going to be top of the charts and will stay on everyone’s lips prompting many a repeat button on the playlist. Best song of the album

4. Kankondu

The medley of melody continues with Britto with this sombre number where he has decided to take all the departments in penning this one. Given the popularity of Po Nee Po in 3, this song will rightfully take that place upon regular airtime.

5. Kadhal Varum Varai

After a long time listeners will have opportunity to hear a song from the pen of Palanibharati who has definitely risen in ranks of writer and it would be worth it if he continues to lend his hand on cinema songs. The voice of Saindhavi has given this song a life and it’s not going to disappoint her fans.

6. Vizhiyin Vidhai

Britto has not left any stone unturned as he has again penned a song, the final one of album. Sung by Ranjith and Madhu, this song is a racy number which reminds one of the tremendous opening numbers in Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu. This is definitely going to be a landmark for the hero as it emphasizes his character of playing carom in this film; this song is definitely going to test the director’s touch in making a song as this is a perfect song for the racy game.

Overall the album is going to be a first podium finish for music director Britto, but the album sans distinct theme music could possibly drag it to a step below from top place though Kadhal Varum Varai has that theme song feel.

The album launch is the first coin pocketed by the team of Sundattam while the teaser released has also given all the ardent film fans to expect an unexpected film from team of Sundattam; the teaser has also shown the promise of new cinematographer Balagurunathan who will come along the ranks of notable cameraman in industry. The story itself boasts of past times where carom was considered as the main game in slums of Chennai, but the play doesn’t stop here the next coin of Sundattam was pocketed by distributor Hansraj Saxena who has promised the film release in over 200 Theatres, I hope the team of Sundattam will promise the entertainer with good film so that audience can pocket all the remaining coins in board and Sundattam team can also fill their pockets with good money in return.

Sundhara Krishna P

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