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By Behindwoods Visitor Irwin Augustin
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ENTHIRAN,ROBO,ROBOT is said to be grossed 205 crores in its opening day itself,the official budget kindly to be noted is 162 crores the costliest indian and asian movie . .

In overseas market its already breaking the box office records of MY NAME IS KHAN & 3 IDIOTS.

Rajni shook bollywood by fetching the indian entertainer trophy for sivaji 2007 by NDTV, competing against the likes of SHAHRUKH KHAN(chak de india) and AAMIR KHAN(taare zameen par)that made southern film fraternity proud and happy for our own Mega-Supreme-Super-Bumper star.

The yet another collosal surprising news is when heard about the movie ENTHIRAN,the only tamil movie probably the only indian movie to be screened in the popular "Colosseum Kino" in oslo,Norway is the largest cinema in Northern europe and the largest THX cinema in the world which distinguished by its large spherical dome where great movies like MATRIX,AVATAR are screened.Already we are giga over the super star's global popularity and the one and only star who stands numero uno when it comes to fans and fan clubs in INDIA with about 70,000 fan clubs. 40-45 crores of remuneration created raJni from Indian matinee idol to Asian popular idol...... WOW thats really incredible..
ENTHIRAN - fantastic news for raJni fans

Enthiran is Robo in Telugu and i went home from Hyderabad to Guntakal to watch the movie with my beloved mom(June),guntakal is a town where we can find only four theaters, the moment when i knew that robo is running in two theatres it hit me and thrilled me because its magical because very rarely two theatres were screened for a single movie, only for telugu mega star CHIRANjeeVi's movies like TAGORE were screened in two theatres in our town.I was very happy that raJni began to create history in the world cinema . . . .. . . . . ..

But to be frank i felt more happy for raJni creating history in a small town like my home town buddiEs.The moment the movie started i began to shout like anything saying THALAIVAA . . . my mom and my best friend muRthy accompanied me shouting eh THALAIVAAAA . . . .. after noticing very few are shouting.Many people looked back and were surprised that there are huge fan following for raJni there also and i even started shouting loudly after they looked at me . . .

U know raJni magic passed into me and i felt really proud to be raJni fan when the movie ended with the credit A FILM BY SHANKAR and there was huge applause then i realised that with out this man robo would not have been possible,great man with great vision and hatss off to SUN pictures for having presented such a Magnum opus Flick, we love you so much and hope the same from your next ventures too.

THEN WHAT NEXT - a small raJni fans wish

Shankar made super star into sci-fi super star, why cant he make a sci-fi southern filmdom with an another super sci-fi flick with our own super star making wholesome technical extravaganza thriller and a ha trick blockbuster.What if all the India's brilliant music directors, cinematographers, editors, production designers, action- choreographers, choreographers, song writers, lyricists, script writers and tecnicians are united and work together for the movie and shankar directing them all .. . .(just think of that)

How shall be that if all great producers starting from AVM,yash raj,suresh productions,oscar limited,super good films,sri surya movies,raj kamal internatinal,ocher studios,lotus international,madras talkies e t c beig united and ofcourse our darling SUN pictutres taking all the marketing rights all over the world . . . .. (just think of that)

What if the budget is 500-600 crores and 200 crores is only spent for technical brilliace of the flick . . . (just think of that)

What if many popular stars make special appearance in the movie making the movie even more glamorous . . .. (just think of that)

Even with more good thoughts and concepts for this movie, can create a world class movie on par with Oscar . . .. .

This is possible . . . . "manusha seyamudiyaadha pala vishiyngalai senjirukhaane" this is Enthiran's dialogue that says man did many impossible things possible,the creator of this dialogue is shankar and he is the only man who can create guiness record for sure . . .

KANAVU MEYAAGA VENDUM . . . . kanavu unmaiyaga vendum
(Dream should come true))
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