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By Behindwoods Visitor Padma
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What a Movieee

Superstar Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai, Shankar, A.R.Rahman and yeah Chitti.

And going by the statistics of first day booking, hasn't the whole country seen the movie yet? All this promotions so far, speeches by Superstar, mutual praising by Aishwarya and Superstar, timely one-liners by Chitti, A.R.Rahman Music etc. I'm not out of Endhiran yet, after watching it twice already on consecutive days. Big Deal! After all this hype, promotions etc, Endhiran was much more grandeur on screen.

Superstar has spread his giant wings and has carried this movie!!! .

Yes, when we all sit back on the seat and think, 'Ok, now anyway our hero Dr. Vaseegaran will come and rescue his damsel-in-distress sweetheart', director Shankar threatens us with jaw dropping on-screen special effects, 'The rescue is what the whole movie is all about and its not going to be easy'. The last one hour is a special treat for Rajini fans. His makeover takes us back to his golden days on screen.

Usually Rajini is bigger than the movies he is in. Yet Shankar has utilized Superstar's magic so well, that it is hard to imagine anyone else as initially cute and later monstrous Chitti. If at all you feel bad for a machine when it is dismantled or if you like the villain in the movie, it can only be for Rajini.


In Endhiran, there is Rajini and the rest. But yes, Aishwarya manages to make her presence felt. Because she is Aishwarya Rai. Ok, I envy her from the bottom of my heart. This lady is drop-dead gorgeous anytime, anywhere with any costume. And she has been this way for past 15 years. Yes, she is not one of the greatest actors of our time. But there is a reason why directors choose her for the big movies. Her amazing screen presence. I was watching her in one of the songs thinking 'does she look like 37?’ Then my friend whispered 'Doesn't Rajini look awesome for his age?' Oh yes, I'm watching Rajnikanth movie and still could not take my eyes off Aishwarya in some scenes.

If at all, a Robot can madly fall in love with a girl, then girl can only be the most beautiful woman in the world 'Aishwarya Rai'.

There was this guy behind us in the movie hall saying 'Come on... this is not realistic, so typical of Rajini'. For heaven sake, this is a sci-fi and he is a robot. He will do whatever he wants. Hell, don't decipher every little scene of the movie. If you want to do that, go watch 'Kancheevaram' or 'Nan kadavul'

One of my good friends once said that there are lot of fine movies these days with touching story lines. But there are no 'Superstars' on screen after Rajini, like someone for whom, you would stand up on the seat and whistle.

Here it is, our own Superstar is back on the screen after a long time. I do not know if there will be some hero in future, for whom there will be Pal Abishekam and Aarthi even in theatres in USA. For now, we have our legend RAJINI.


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