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By Behindwoods Visitor Arun KK
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Hi Behindwoods,

I watched 'Endhiran' in Frankfurt on Sunday. I would like to share my experience with our viewers. I'm no Rajini fan; but that couldn't stop me from gravitating towards his charisma. Add to it, Shankar and ARR, you are in for a heady cocktail!

Though far away from India, the excitement for Endhiran is equally palpable here; the delay in the release date did little to dampen our spirits, as we waited for the release. So, at last the D – day arrived! I along with my Indian friends made it to the theater well ahead – you do not want to miss a single frame, do you! Though the movie was initially planned for a single screen, with the crowd bulging every minute, it was shown on two screens – both houseful!!!!

As the screens went up, so did the decibel levels in the crowd, reaching ultrasonic levels as the letter S – U – P – E – R …. came up..

For all the stereo-types of Rajini movies, Rajini (Dr.Vasi) had a pretty simple introduction, busy in his lab working on his brain-child, Chitti, named by his mom (the Indian touch). No special introduction, no intro song, no punch dialogue… first indications that this is not the typical Rajini movie. More amusing were scenes where Dr. Vasi runs away when confronted by the toddy peddler. However, his creation, Chitti makes up for all this – in fact, goes beyond several times over – be it action, comedy or villainy – the wicked laugh bringing back nostalgic memories of Rajini-Kamal combos of the 70s. Ash makes her grace felt; and justifies that with this beauty even a machine could fall in love!


ARR – do we really have to say anything? Chart records say it all!! Background score is equally rocking!!

And finally, the real super star of the movie – SHANKAR. Hats off to his imagination and his efforts!! Each scene is carefully etched with the right mix of sci-fi, technical jargon and Indian masala. Though the movie was a bit stretchy in the second half, they are minor irritants; in the wait for the MOTHER OF ALL CLIMAXES – we were totally bowled over in the last 20 minutes. Words are not the best way to express it – watch it on screen; worth every cent of your ticket. If Shankar is the only director who could have made this movie, Rajini is the only actor who could have delivered this!! Rajini’s mass appeal and Shankar’s technical wizardry spiced up with ARR’s exhilarating music have all congregated to form a million-dollar razzmatazz that will enthrall us for days to come!!

Parting off with Chitti's jibe - HAPPY DIWALI FOLKS! Of course, Diwali has started early for us this year!!

As we rejoice this Endhiran-mania, due credits and prayers for writer Sujaya whose novel is the spark for this ENDHIRAN thunder-bolt!

Arun KK

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