The Nayan conundrum

I’ve moved on - Nayan once said famously about her breakup after a brief and turbulent relationship that often made headlines for her sheer outspokenness and a no-hide attitude. Little did we know then that she was offering a glance of her steely self-confidence and daring conscience. In the world of politically-correct and desperately-trying-to-keep-up-a-clean-image women, Nayan stands tall. Perhaps for her audacity, and not necessarily for her height.

The relationship although withered, was engraved in the history of Tamil cinema bible for very few actors came in public about their personal life – let alone love life. Few months and a lot of speculations later, she resurfaced in Tamil with a comeback that would make her contemporaries go green with jealousy. It took a few Telugu hit movies and an upward looking career graph for Nayan to rethink her Tamil plans. She is not regretting, evidently.

She gave birth to the word savvy in Tamil cinema after Billa
released. For who would have thought, the once plump

looking Hari import, is actually capable of carrying off a swimsuit like she was born with it.

What if Nayan did not sustain her Billa and Yaaradi Nee Mohini success and was a part of box office fiascos back to back (remember Aegan, Kuselan, Sathyam and Villu?) she is still the reigning queen. And does she have any qualms in admitting about being part of the debacles? Hardly! She openly admitted that her 2008 was only okay and that only Yaaradi Nee Mohini fared well.

Honesty, as she prefers to call her attitude, doesn’t seem to fail to make heads turn. Craving for name? Well, it doesn’t appear so. Pronouncing sans words that she has learnt the film world word by word, it’s either a stubborn silence or curt and to-the-point statements from her, for issues that involve her. Now, how many would be ready to put their career in possible jeopardy when the whole Producers’ Council is up against them?

She was. In the Payya issue she was quoted as saying that there was no question of returning the money back to the Council or Lingusamy. All this, when the Council even had plans to request Cinema-related regulatory bodies in other languages to extend support for the case by proscribing her from acting in other languages. Some guts, we say.

Nayan hardly moved. She stood by her stand refusing to pay up. An out-of-court settlement wasn’t on the cards either. And she went public reasoning that she deserved her pay since she was made to waste her call sheets for three months. And then, she won. Which makes me think – they (The Rolling Stones) probably weren’t serious when they sang ‘You Can't Always Get What You Want’.

And when her peers are going bananas about offers in Bollywood, Nayan is just blissfully content with her presence in South Indian Cinema. And endorsements also seem to be a strict no, no.

So that’s Nayan for you, whose valor is possibly attributed to her military-schools upbringing - the bold face of South Indian cinema who doesn’t cry fowl at anyone unless absolutely called for with a reason.

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