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Movie Review : Chidambarathil Oru Appasamy
chidambarathil oru appasamy

Story line :

A person who is very careless and always waste his time by boozing and chatting with his friends, changes completely after visiting a holy shrine. In the process of change he lost his love for family and joins a mutt. Finally, whether he joins with his family or not forms the rest of the story. The movie is a remake of the Malayalam movie Chintavistayaya Shyamala. The movie carries a strong message.



Elangovan (Thangar Bachan) is a school teacher in the town Chidambaram. He lives with his wife Thenmozhi (Navya Nair) and two children. He leads a blithe life by boozing with his friends and wastes his time in gambling. Elangovan is always reprimanded by his father (Pyramid Natrajan) and his father-in-law (R.Sundarrajan). But Elangovan never cares to change him and continue the same way...

One night, he is being trapped by the police, for visiting a night club. He explains his problem to the inspector. The inspector advises him to go to Sabarimala and pray Lord Ayyappa . He accepts the advice and undergoes fasting.

He visits the holy shrine much to the enchantment of his family. But his return from Sabarimala was an utter shock to the whole family. He continues his saintly life without any family commitments. Some of the events occurring after that ,disappoints him and he joins a mutt.

In the mean time, Thenmozhi works hard to educate her children and to lead a normal life . Elangovan returns back realizing his recklessness and appologises to Thenmozhi. Whether they reunite or not, forms the rest of the story?

The whole credit for this movie goes to Navya Nair for her mature performance in the movie. She gets a great applause from the audience for her acting skills. Thangar as a director has done his job perfectly well, but as an actor he has disappointed the audience. Whether it is romance or emotional sequences he looks normal. Sundarrajan and Pyramid Natrajan have perfectly fitted in their characters.

Ilayaraja, as usual has done his part outstandingly but the songs are not so special for this movie. The highlight for the movie is the background score. The music adds strength to this emotional melodrama. The other technicians in this movie are not notable.

Altogether, the movie is made to target the minds of women without much of commercialism.

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