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  SOK – Music review by and for dummies!!
Surya & Jothika
When two powerful singers come together, you expect fireworks to fly and that’s exactly what Shankar and Vasundra have managed to do in Machakari. They seem to be competing with each other trying hard to out do the other. Rahman lays out the perfect platform for them to experiment and excel. The song starts with a bang but tends to fizzle out mid way. Picturization would play a vital role in deciding the success of the song.
By the by, don’t we expect something much more than this from Rahman, as we do when Sachin goes out to bat or when the Superstar is about to the hit the theatres?!!
The Mozart of Madras gets into his Kizhakku Cheemayilae style with the next number, Kummi adi. Voices used are rustic and original. A very light hearted song, but this doesn’t stop the experimenter from letting his imagination run wild. Rahman’s favorite Mani is in full flow with his drums. (With the drums playing such a pivotal role in the song, my guess is that it’s Mani).

These days, it’s imperative for movies to have one for the dance floors. Maaricham Yatho is one such song.
Though bits and pieces of the song are good, it’s nothing inspirational. Might catch up with good visuals. The new comers (singers) show great promise. The lead male voice, I am not sure if its Aslam or Krishna, is magnetic. Carolisa does an excellent job with great versatility in her voice.
Boomika & Surya
The title song Jillunnu oru kadhal is quite interesting. It is of the same genre as his previous Hello Mr.Ethir katchi from Iruvar. It symbolizes the fun and frolic of the movie. The first time you listen, it doesn’t register with you, but when you listen to it a couple of times you start humming the tune and when you see the trailer, it completely gets on to you. Tanvil does a fabulous job giving a jazz touch to her voice.

Shreya comes back again, this time with S.P.B Saran for Maja Maja and gives us a duet, a real sensual one.
The singers are fabulous, with Saran almost sounding exactly like his legendary father as he gains some age. There is a part where he says “Jillunu oru ginger beeru than”, very reminiscent of the renowned S.P.B. But the highlight of the song is what I keep referring to as the REMs. Here it’s a Santur (again most positively; correct me if I am wrong) playing a captivating tune midway. This song will definitely capture the imagination of the audience if the movie hits the bull’s eye.
Sillunnu Oru Kadhal
Lyrics need a special mention here. Every song has the lyrics fitting the mood to the tee.
Munbe va and New York nagaram are the two out standing ones .

Two out of the world songs, two light ones, one for the dance floor and two sensual duets. Go grab your CD!!
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