Review By : Release Date : Aug 25,2016 Movie Run Time : 1 hour 39 minutes Censor Rating : U/A

Production: Millennium Films Cast: Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Michelle Yeoh, Sam Hazeldine, Tommy Lee Jones Direction: Dennis Gansel Screenplay: Philip Shelby, Tony Mosher Story: Philip Shelby, Tony Mosher Music: Mark Isham Background score: Mark Isham Cinematography: Daniel Gottschalk Editing: Michael Duthie, Todd E. Miller

So they decided to wake Arthur Bishop again after the 2011 release of The Mechanic, making it a surprising franchise. This time around with German director Dennis Gansel at the helm, the film has Jason Statham along with Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones, and Michelle Yeoh as part of the main cast.

What is it about?

A contract killer in Hollywood is sure to go underground trying to turn a new leaf and almost always gets forced back to action. The same thing happens here and in spite of the fact that this is the 21st century, the writers of the film decided to put a damsel in distress with the baddie threatening to kill her if the knight in shiny armour doesn’t agree to do three major killings on contract for him.

What makes up the film?

The Mechanic’s speciality as a contract killer is apparently his ability to make high profile murders look like an accident, making him an irreplaceable choice as a hitman to international clean-collar crooks.  So we see him making seemingly immaculate calculations to pin on his target and make his escape leaving behind an accident scene. While Stath is undoubtedly the right man for such a job, the story has him doing silly things like falling in love in a matter of few tender moments. Jessica Alba has limited scope through which she travels as-a-matter-of-factly, you know like you could say “As a matter of fact, the film also has Jessica Alba in it!” The main high points in the film comprise of the Mechanic plotting schemes to complete the assassinations imposed on him. There is a particular one where he is seen climbing a skyscraper to make his second killing which can be said as the top highlight of the film. But apart from that, you know how the game plays out in the end already.

What didn’t work?

The engagement. The movie, in spite of being just three half hours long started off slowly with cliched sequences that didn't deliver the rush one would demand from a Statham adventure. And the fact that the makers didn’t intend to surprise the audience with something different in the script is disappointing. More could have been done with the script which seemed in need of a mechanic. 

What works?

The engagement pitches up whenever Stath plots for the next kill and the sequences describing them make up for an interesting watch. The movie trots around the world to places such as Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Bulgaria, Bangkok and Cambodia making it a feel good experience, if one is a fan of such things.


Overall, The Mechanic lacked the rush and rave required for an action flick and definitely could have done something to surprise the audience with a more critical scripting process.

Verdict: Mechanic Resurrection requires a mechanic and a resurrection


( 2.0 / 5.0 )
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Mechanic: Resurrection (aka) Mechanic 2

Mechanic: Resurrection (aka) Mechanic 2 is a English movie with production by Millennium Films, direction by Dennis Gansel, cinematography by Daniel Gottschalk, editing by Michael Duthie, Todd E. Miller. The cast of Mechanic: Resurrection (aka) Mechanic 2 includes Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Michelle Yeoh, Sam Hazeldine, Tommy Lee Jones.