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  Sadha Vs. Nikitha                                                                
February 23, 2005

The shooting of Madhavan and Sadha starring Priyasakhi is in progress. The production team wanted to book another actress as a glamour doll in the film to star along with Madhavan and had approached Chatrapathy fame Nikitha for the same reason.

When the heroine of the film Sadha came to know about it, she was furious and warned the film team that, she will not tolerate another actress to share her role. She has also insisted that she be relived from the film, if such things were about to happen.

The film teams were however aware that Sadha had already finished more than half of her role in the film and doesn’t want to complicate matters for themselves, so they initially left out the idea of another heroine in the film.

Wow, stern Sadha! If this is the case for Priyasakhi, then what will be the case after Anniyan’s release?!!!

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