Release Date : Sep 12,2014
Power (aka) Power review

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Production: Rockline Entertainments
Cast: Hansika Motwani, Ravi Teja, Regina Cassandra
Direction: K. S. Ravindra
Screenplay: K. S. Ravindra
Story: K. S. Ravindra
Music: S. Thaman
Background score: S. Thaman
Cinematography: Arthur A. Wilson, Jayanan Vincent
Dialogues: Gautham Raju
Editing: Gautham Raju
Title card - hero introduction - comedy - opening song - action block - heroine introduction - song - action block - comedy sequence. These vicious cycles linked over each other for 2 hours, 27 minutes, is Power. As the title suggests, it is the story of a powerful lad who aspires to become a cop and save the world. After Balupu, Nandi Award winning Mass-Maharaja Ravi Teja reprises the Vikramarkudu type role again. So, he is a funny cop, who can gracefully fight against anybody. 
Prominent screenplay writer K.S. Ravindra aka Bobby debuts as a director for this overpoweringly happy, masala-commercial movie that somehow ends on a very happy note in spite of all the emotions that are to be justified, before the movie gets over. Astute editing, lustrous cinematography and Ravi's screen presence come as a relief to an easily predictable story with a slow screenplay.   
Ravi Teja garners great applause for comedy and emotional sequences always. Here, does it in style. Made on a lucrative budget, Power is a typical Telugu film stencil with patience testing songs and over the top action choreography. Through this film, what we learn is, anybody, anytime can easily become a cop, can fire a gun more than the number of bullets it actually has and drive a bullet by not touching it. 
All the exaggerations do take a toll on our belief system, but the very minute nuances and the surprise elements are cleverly connected in the end. Eye candies Hansika Motwani and Regina Cassandra come for the songs. S.S. Thaman's signature tune for Ravi Teja's slow walk in the film is all that was on the background score department. Songs make less impact. 
If you have this really huge house that has to be demolished in a wink, contact Ravi Teja! It is high time, the industry which made amazing mythological stories in the late 70s, goes back to their traditions of having a strong, sensible story. Brahmanandham's gimmicks, Ravi Teja's cute expressions and a relatively long story to narrate with a pacifying twist towards the end do grab our attention, but, it's too late.
Verdict: A commercial pot-boiler that boils way too hard to tell a story.
( 1.75 / 5.0 )


Power (aka) Power

Power (aka) Power is a Telugu movie with production by Rockline Entertainments, direction by K. S. Ravindra, cinematography by Arthur A. Wilson, Jayanan Vincent, editing by Gautham Raju. The cast of Power (aka) Power includes Hansika Motwani, Ravi Teja, Regina Cassandra.