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maalai-pozhudhin-mayakathilaey-music-review MAALAI POZHUDHIN MAYAKATHILAEY MUSIC REVIEW
Review by : Kaushik L.M

Starring: Aaritharam, ShubhaPhutela, PanchuSubbu, Sivaji, Balaji, Tejasvini, Sathish, Karuna, Srini
Direction: Narayan Nagendra Rao
Music: Achu
Production: Sri Lakshmi Narashima Creations

The director of this movie, Narayan Nagendra Rao is one of director Mysskin’s favorite assistants. This film with a very poetic title is about an unlucky guy who gets lucky on the most improbable day. Set in a coffee shop, the film is a love story that happens in the space of 2 hours.

Achu, the music director was AR Rahman’s former assistant and has composed music for six films in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam prior to this.He is a disciple of noted classical singer and composer Keeravani. His father Rajamani has scored music for about 1000 films, mainly in Malayalam and some in Telugu. He is the grandson of Mr Chidambaranath, the first ever music director of Malayalam cinema. Let’s see whether he has made his mentors proud with his score for this movie.

Oh Baby Girl ...
Hemachandra, Achu
Lyrics: Achu, Narayan Nagendra Rao

The song follows the template that our composers have created over the past few years – the so called ‘cool youth’ song. The song is catchy no doubt. But, the heard before feel dominates. There is a cool rap thrown in the mix. There is a heavy trance feel all over the song. The young at heart will drool over this song for sure.

YaaroIvalo ...  
Lyrics: Rohini

Haricharan sounds delightful in this song. Melody flows over and entices you. The instrumentals are unhurried yet make a mark. The focus is on the voice and Haricharan has enjoyed himself. The violin and accordion bits towards the end are mesmerizing. A sure winner 

Yen Uyirey ... 
Lyrics: Rohini

A song with a very heavy classical feel. Karthik sounds different while singing in such a low pitch. The veena and flute instrumentals make a mark in this song. A song that will find its audience among the classically inclined. The song ends in a classy manner with Karthik singing swaras.

There are 2 more versions of this song sung by renowned singers Chitra and Bombay Jayashree.

Yen Uyirey Reprise ...  
Lyrics: Rohini

Chitra’s version has a classy guitar presence. The magical quality of Chitra’s voice is alluring as always. It’s a sheer pleasure to listen to this song.

Yen Uyirey Unplugged
Bombay Jayashree
Lyrics: Rohini

Jayashree’s version is supported by the piano all along. A very competent show by the classical specialist. The violins and the ‘bruha’ by the male singer halfway through the song is another surprise delight. 

Yaen Indha Dhideer Thiruppam ...  
Lyrics: Achu, Narayan  Nagendra Rao

The hero wonders how his mental makeup has suddenly changed after meeting his ladylove. The song starts off in a mystical manner thanks to the underplayed guitar and piano instrumentals. It suddenly shifts to rock mode halfway through with heavy guitar and percussions.  A great attempt on the whole. A surreal feel is dominant in this number

Nerathin Neram Yellam ...  
Narayan Nagendra Rao, Chinmayi, Achu
Lyrics: Achu, Narayan Nagendra Rao

A short poetic number. The female humming by Chinmayi has a haunting effect. It has the potential to create magic on screen. The beats towards the end really increase the likeability of this song

Kadal Karayiley
Sriram Parthasarathy
Lyrics: Achu

The simple violin notes at the start make such a magical impact. It sets the tempo for the song. Somehow Sriram Parthasarathy’s voice is drowned in the sheer weight of the instrumentals. The song scores on the whole purely for the instrumentals.

MPM Anthem
Lyrics: Achu

The movie’s theme is quite touching and understated.  Just when we feel the theme has ended, it resumes for some more passionate humming by the singer. 

Verdict: Achu scores with an outstanding show. The music has definitely increased the overall profile of this movie. Poetic melodies all over. Achu has made sure that the songs are universally likeable, and not just for listeners who love melody. Wholesome treat.

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